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Built On Innovation

AVTECH offers the leading proactive environment monitor worldwide – Room Alert. They have a diverse customer base, ranging from small…

Built On Innovation

30th April 2020

AVTECH offers the leading proactive environment monitor worldwide – Room Alert. They have a diverse customer base, ranging from small businesses with just a few employees all the way through to every branch of the U.S. military. Recently, we profiled the business to discover how they established themselves as one of the best in environment monitoring solutions.

From their base in Rhode Island, Room Alert can be found protecting data centers, facilities, and critical assets in 186 of 196 countries. Room Alert is designed to help monitor the physical environment in any type of facility. Many other users have Room Alert protecting restaurants, warehouses, medical and pharmaceutical sites, residential and commercial real estate, and more.

Room Alert users can also take advantage of the patented Monitor360 technology, which allows them to create virtual sensors and alerts based on any combination of the sensors that they are currently using along with their Room Alert monitors. Only Monitor360 can tell the user why there’s a problem, helping them to respond even faster and drastically reducing any potential downtime or damages.

AVTECH was founded in 1988, and they originally focused on providing monitoring software for computers and supporting hardware networkwide. With the rapid rise of data center growth, they recognized that data center operators would need to monitor the key environmental factors that could lead to downtime – temperature, humidity, flood, power, smoke, air flow, and more.

Security has always been a primary focus for organizations when it comes to preventing downtime and data loss, and rightfully so. However, many organizations don’t realize that almost 30% of their outages are directly due to environment factors. Therefore, Room Alert is a crucial safeguard at every facility to help protect them against costly downtime.

Room Alert offers a wide range of sensors that allow users to make sure that they’re monitoring every possible area within their facility, and the factors they are most concerned about. They also offer two different software monitoring platforms, the Room Alert Account portal that was called “one of the best online platforms in the world” by a leading international telecom provider, as well as a local software client that users can download and install on their network. Users can combine or use these platforms separately to customize their alerts and reporting from Room Alert monitors.

Customers normally find AVTECH after they’ve experienced environment-related downtime. In many instances, they simply weren’t aware budget-friendly environment monitors existed, and after they’ve lost productivity and revenue, they research ways to prevent that from happening again. Once they find Room Alert, they are able to quickly purchase and install the monitors and sensors to set up early warnings to prevent further costly downtime.

They also have a wide range of authorized Room Alert Resellers across the globe, many of whom will introduce their customers to Room Alert while they are reviewing their business continuity plans.

As a hardware & software developer with over 30 years of experience in the industry, innovation is a core concept that has helped to build and drive the company. Employees from every department are encouraged to think of new ideas and processes that would improve customer experience, as well as employee experience.

Nearly all the firm’s employees are located in the primary corporate location in Warren, RI and everyone works together on a daily basis. Interdepartmental meetings are the norm, and company communications go out to everyone on a regular basis to keep all staff members updated on what other departments are currently working on. That familiarity gives everyone the comfort level to approach other team members, or company leadership, with ideas that can quickly grow into new features or products in a relatively short amount of time.

Technology has always been a male-driven field, so it’s an encouraging sign that 50% of AVTECH’s engineering team identify as female. These employees were hired due to their skills, background and merit, and it shows in the quality of their work and in the way that they are so highly valued by their co-workers.

AVTECH is very lucky to be located in a region that’s surrounded by excellent schools, colleges, and universities. They take part in multiple campus job fairs every year to meet new people that could end up becoming an AVTECH team member in the future. They run internships year-round that attract extremely qualified candidates who are approaching their graduation.

AVTECH have recently introduced their newest environment monitor, the Room Alert 32S. This new monitor is the most secure and advanced Room Alert to date. Users are growing more conscious of their data safety and security, so they developed and released a Room Alert that offers key security features. These features help many of their users follow data security best practices, while meeting security requirements in some specific industries.

They expect to have new Room Alerts in the marketplace later this year, that they anticipate to be extremely popular with users who have a focus on data and network security. Due to continued growth, they opened an international sales office in the Middle East in March 2020 to better serve the firm’s rapidly growing user base in that region. Lastly, AVTECH’s international distribution facility, which opened in Ireland in 2018, has led to even faster international sales growth than anticipated.

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