Carving Out New Digital Identities

Man smiling with headphones on with the Identity Digital Logo on top

Once known as “Donuts Inc.,” the newly reforged Identity Digital has rebranded to better align with its goal of evolving the future of authentic digital identities for businesses everywhere. The name change reflects the company’s commitment to customers in finding, accessing, and growing their digital identities. Through Identity Digital, customers have many descriptive domain name options that are the most relevant, memorable, and SEO-friendly—positively impacting business growth. All of this and more has contributed to Identity Digital’s recent win of the “Best Small Business Domain Services Provider” for 2022.

Identity Digital has the most extensive domain name selection in the world, with nearly 300 top-level domains (TLDs) in almost every conceivable category. Its portfolio consists of next-gen TLDs, offering individuals and organisations new ways to promote and enhance their digital footprint in a world where distinctive online identity is more pivotal than ever.

A relevant domain name lets an individual or business carve out a niche with an authentic digital identity. Typically, an online identity starts with a fitting domain name that can blossom into multiple online profiles and touchpoints that bring businesses to life online. A descriptive domain name that resonates with customers can help businesses better corner their market segment and reach a wider audience than what’s currently possible through a traditional legacy domain. Identity Digital helps clients gain digital growth with concise, well-thought-out domain name options that use both sides of the dot. They are easy to remember and highlight what is unique about a startup or small business from a customer’s very first impression.

Categories span from business identifiers (i.e., .ltd, .company), to navigation (i.e., .careers, .support, or .social), to vertical markets (i.e., .photography, .cafe, or .games), or generic terms (i.e., .life, .world or .live). Examples of successful domain names using both sides of the dot include  and

These descriptive domain names are highly impactful in terms of SEO, memorability, and clickthrough potential, helping clients to rank higher in search results and be more relevant to a wider variety of searches by leveraging specific keywords and phrases. A particularly notable SEO success example is, a domain name that landed a tremendous SEO boost. In 2020, 1 million users visited Janover’s websites from SEO traffic. This contributed to  a staggering business growth of 184%.

Identity Digital also keeps domains secure from fraud. Phishing, one of the foremost challenges faced by today’s businesses, often involves directing people to malicious websites.  Identity Digital offers robust domain name protection at no additional cost. It blocks imposters from establishing fraudulent sites. These security measures – also known as homographic blocking – prevent the registration of fraudulent lookalike domain names that substitute letters or numbers with various other scripts. By rolling this into its services, Identity Digital does an excellent job demonstrating its dedication to businesses’ long-term online identity and wellbeing and positions itself as one of the foremost providers in proactive protection.

Its rebrand better reflects the commitment Identity Digital – formerly known as Donuts Inc. – has to the future-proofing its clients’ businesses, securing their online identities, and by providing domain names that clearly communicate what makes them unique in the market.

For business enquiries, contact Akram J Atallah, CEO from Identity Digital on their website –