Charting a Course from Success to Significance

Joshua Sherrard

Headquartered in Batavia, Illinois, Strategic Navigators Inc. is a boutique advisory firm, providing first class family office services to business owners and high net worth individuals. The firm’s experienced team provides clients with independent and specialised advice, built on best-in-class, time-tested principles. As a result of its remarkably high standard of service, Strategic Navigators has been awarded Best Strategic Family Office Services Provider in the Corporate Excellence Awards 2023.

Strategic Navigators believes that there is more to wealth than just money. There are things we value much more, for example our family, health, faith, education, charity, and wisdom. The firm enables clients to effectively deploy their money in order to maximize their true wealth, which is the key to progressing from Success to Significance. It strives to empower successful entrepreneurs to help them increase their profits, keep more of the money they make, spend more during their lifetime, give more to causes that matter to them, and leave more to the people they love.

To do this, Strategic Navigators offers a range of family office services. Firstly, through its flagship tax planning services, the firm helps business owners discover the best structures and strategies for their unique business type, season, and goals. Within the 70,000-page tax code are time-tested strategies and directions that it leverages to grow its clients’ businesses. The firm’s ultimate goal is to maximize tax efficiency while maintaining the proper legal and liability protections. Its typical client has saved 40-60% more than they did with their previous method of tax planning. Importantly, Strategic Navigators can also assist individuals who earn a W2 wage and make more than $350,000 in taxable income annually.

For business clients, Strategic Navigators offers business coaching services, through which it provides entrepreneurs with legal and financial professional coaching. The firm works alongside them, assisting with aspects such as employee packages, strategic moves, generational transfer, business sale, business acquisition, and more.

Through its financial coaching services, Strategic Navigators delivers its time-tested strategy for building, accessing, and leaving wealth tax-free. It removes the obstacles of taxes, fees, and volatility, guiding clients to generate safe and stable returns. The firm’s proprietary solution to tax-free wealth accumulation, the “Rich Man Roth (RMR)”, serves as an effective anchor investment strategy and is a proven method of building generational wealth.

The team at Strategic Navigators encourage clients to focus on working towards a tax-free or favoured retirement. The firm also places emphasis on building a living legacy, which refers to the ways in which clients influence their family, loved ones, community, and causes.

Strategic Navigators understands that the task of estate planning can be complex and daunting. The firm has found that many of its clients have left parts of it incomplete. Its team of experienced professionals can help them simplify and execute their estate plan, maximising their legacy and ensuring it lasts for generations to come. The firm offers wills, trusts, non-profits, and other vehicles to meet the unique needs of its clients.

In delivering its services, Strategic Navigators will happily work with any client’s current team, however in-house accounting and bookkeeping is available. When they choose to utilise this offering, clients can be sure that all of the firm’s strategies will be implemented correctly and have the maximum effect. In addition, Strategic Navigators boasts a consortium of professionals around the country, who offer their collective resources for the benefit of its clients. Monthly and annual packages are available.

“Over the years, we have built out these various arms of the business and feel that our offering is now rounded out,” comments Joshua Sherrard, CEO of Strategic Navigators. “Tax planning is our core and is often the gateway to the other facets of our enterprise.”

Taxes are the biggest expense to businesses and a huge barrier to retirement for individuals. Strategic Navigators is dedicated to helping people tackle these challenges. By delivering excellent services to its clients, the firm has grown exponentially over the years. “We have grown almost exclusively through referrals, and we are just now beginning to see results from strategic marketing,” Joshua explains. “The majority of our innovation is focused on developing our client base.”

As it grows, Strategic Navigators is motivated to keep the ball rolling without losing sight of the goals of the business. “We are in a season of rapid growth, and as a result there is always temptation to lose focus on those things that are core to the business,” Joshua elaborates. “I’ve often said the enemy of success is broken focus. With the help of my executive team, I have had to say no to certain opportunities in order to maintain course with the ultimate goal of stable growth over the next three years.”

As a result of the knowledgeable, honest, and innovative services it provides, clients of Strategic Navigators are able to save a staggering amount of money that would otherwise have been lost to taxes, allowing them to keep more of their hard-earned income, spend more on the things their family needs, and leave more to their loved ones.

For this reason, Strategic Navigators Inc. has been awarded Best Strategic Family Office Services Provider in the Corporate Excellence Awards 2023. We congratulate Joshua and his team on this commendable achievement and look forward to seeing how the firm continues to grow.

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