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The greater medical field has truly capitalised on the many benefits of technology to improve the patient and client experience immeasurably. In the fertility space, Inception Fertility LLC (Inception) has forged a formidable reputation and was recently recognised as the “Best Fertility Care Platform” in North America. Here, we take a closer look to find out why.


“Achieving a better patient experience through technology”


Technology has truly shaped the world and continues to shape it at a pace that never slows. Never stops. It has impacted every industry, sector, field and market. Over the last decade, we’ve seen thousands of companies capitalise on the benefits of technology to revolutionise, reinvent and reinvigorate sectors that need every innovator and creative to share their vision. When it comes to advancing reproductive medicine, it is hard to ignore Inception Fertility’s significant contributions and presence.


After all, technology and medicine go hand in hand, when the former innovates, the latter evolves. Perhaps this is most true when it comes to fertility management, which has long relied on technological advancements to refine its processes and success rate. Founded by CEO TJ Farnsworth following years of trying to create a family of his own, Inception’s ethos is one defined by an understanding of all the stress, anxiety and fear fertility treatments can cause. More importantly, Inception is focused on making a brighter future for the fertility landscape, one defined less by anxiety and fear, and more towards hope, compassion and – as much as it can ever be attained – certainty.


TJ saw a fertility sector that was dedicated to utilising the most advanced technology to offer peace of mind, rather than what it once was: a risky, expensive journey with no guarantee of achieving a family at the end of it. Perhaps more importantly, Inception seeks to bring the patient back to the centre of its services and solutions, rather than an afterthought or secondary consideration. Fertility is, more than anything, so very personal. It’s only fair and suitable for any business working in the field to understand that and permeate a sense of compassion and empathy through everything they do.


Today, Inception is a leader in the industry, with its platform of brands creating a robust network to guide patients and would-be parents through a process that is formed around their needs. As TJ describes it, Inception has a “growing ecosystem of integrated fertility brands that capitalise on propriety applications through flagship technologies.” Inception, then, seeks to provide only the best patient experiences, and the best possible care. This investment goes beyond just technology though, and extends to Inception’s team, staff and employees, ensuring that all who work under the company name can be considered true experts in the field, and delivering on Inception’s foremost promise of patient-centric care.


“Patient experience matters most to us. At every step on the fertility journey, we want our patients to get the support, care, and attention they need as they prepare to welcome the baby they’ve dreamed of.”


From providing the largest network of fertility centres in North America through The Prelude Network, to proprietary long-term tissue storage solutions through HavenCryo™, Inception’s footprint is expansive, with momentum only building.  Through its network, patients and clients can rest assured that every step of their journey is given the same committed care and attention as their first, guided by Inception’s team along the way.


In many ways, Inception acts as the pacesetter – not just in fertility but – in the greater medical industry. This is how companies should utilise technology. This is how companies should envision the future. This is how companies should define their mission, vision and goals. There’s something so very contemporary and good about Inception that goes against the grain and image of businesses only being self-serving and driven by profit. TJ’s vision remains the beating heart of Inception, and even as it grows immensely, that vision continues to direct the leadership and team.


With all of this in mind, it is easy to see how and why Inception was named as the Best Fertility Care Platform in North America. There are few that can rival its reputation, its services, its technology, experience, expertise and relentless drive towards betterment. It has become a leader in the field, setting the benchmark for other companies to follow, and echo. Its compassion is unquestionable, its patient-centric technologies and outlook obvious. This was decided at its foundation, with values that were solidified at its inception. For this reason, among many, Inception was recognised as one of the winners of the 2022 Corporate Excellence Awards. Its future is assured, and we here at CV magazine are sure it is to continue on for many, many years as a paragon of fertility and medicine.


Inception’s family of brands are:

The Prelude Network®



Inspire RX™


Inova Fertility Innovations™



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