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Concerns Management Needs to Acknowledge for Employee Retention.

Concerns Management Needs to Acknowledge for Employee Retention Employee retention is an important factor in running any successful business. The…

Concerns Management Needs to Acknowledge for Employee Retention

1st March 2024

Concerns Management Needs to Acknowledge for Employee Retention

Employee retention is an important factor in running any successful business. The hard groundwork and everything since the inception of that company is what eventually leads to the necessary, complicated, and often tiresome hunt for a quality workforce by which. Without the right talent, all that hard work that went into setting up a business can run into problems associated with growth, profitability, and efficiency.

The employee hunt is not always a headache, however, sometimes things work out smoothly and beautifully. Seamlessly moving someone wonderfully skilled and qualified into a position, but that kind of individual— like a very skilled business analyst— is exactly the kind of person that companies most want to hold on to— especially if they have been around for a long time.

The type of talent and even the relational familiarity that comes with a solid employee means that there is immense, and sometimes, incalculable value in the people that make up a company. It’s these traits and complexities in mind that keeps employee retention as a high concern no matter the year, or business quarter.

Recent, unexpected, and unprecedented shifts to the business economy, much of which being due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, created a series of waves in the business world. The ripples of those ideas are still laying themselves out and being felt throughout the economy. One such movement, called the great resignation, led to and is still affecting the stability of many industries.

When combining that with the generational shift that is accompanying the retirement of millions of workers over the next few decades, then the concern for employee retention is perhaps at a new point of strain. Being that employee retention is typically a forefront concern of management and HR professionals, it is wise to be versed in what might be some major concerns and ways to create more employee retention.

Common Complaints That Contribute to Attrition

Not Enough Recognition

Everyone likes to be noticed and praised every once in a while, but that is especially true of people who consistently work hard. No matter the task type or industry, the time and effort that employees put into their work is something that people tend to take pride in. This is certainly true in the early stages of a new position where many people may be anxious about doing a good job so taking the time as a manager or HR representative to assuage these concerns.

While in time, many people find their flow and become comfortable with their day-to-day tasks and familiar with the rhythm and expectations for any role, doubt creeps into their minds. This can be a very common feeling when a large project is on the line.

In order to help employees feel more valued it is an easy and important step to remember to practice employee recognition of the good work that people have done. Not doing so can very easily and quickly turn into sadness and then bitterness. Neither of which are good for employee morale or culture. If that fades, the only thing that may be keeping someone around is a paycheck, and other companies might be interested in signing that talent.

Moving Up the Ladder

A parallel issue to a lapse in recognition in employees’ lives that can contribute to attrition is lack of opportunities for career growth. It would be hard to find someone that wouldn’t like to be promoted in their job. More responsibility, ability to affect positive change at work, a larger office and paycheck. Each of these, while just being a small (and somewhat superficial) extension of a promotion are still realistic expectations that typically accompany a promotion.

More than that, however, is likely the underlying emotional root sense of accomplishment and validation of capability. When employees sense or notice a lack of opportunity for growth and expansion within a company, those factors become a very strong dilution to passion— especially if someone feels like they got passed over for a position because of company politics. While not all of those things can be avoided, providing proper up-skilling and education opportunities for employees can go a long way.

Work-life Balance

Gone are the days within many company structures where the ideas of working harder just trying to scrape by and earn a promotion where the status quo value. As culture has changed and people have become much more aware of the necessity of a balanced personal and professional life, the benefits that are being advocated for have changed as well.

Sure, there will likely always be a demand for fair pay and basic medical benefits, but that’s not enough anymore. The pandemic woke the world up to the reality that life’s too short to obsess over work and not enjoy family and hobbies. As such, the demand for more flexible work environments and schedules so as to promote a better work-life balance has become a new standard amongst employees.

Cultural Inclusivity and Sensitivity

The business world has been aware of social justice movements for years now, and the positive effect that those ideals have had on American culture at large have influenced workplace cultures as well. Being that there are typically multiple generations in a single office space, there is likely to be an overlap and even disagreement on what values should be upheld. Regardless, maintaining the right of safety and respect for every individual regardless of their ethnicity, background, religious beliefs or even mental health standards should always be standard in any company.

Any workplace that fails to support these diversity and inclusion ideals by addressing breaches in such protocol is a quick way to destroy employees’ favor and encourage a quick exit. On the other hand, HR professionals and managers that uphold and openly advocate for equality and fairness will become popular to the point of attracting new talent without even having to look for it.

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