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Content Curation Strategies Every L&D Should Know About.

In this article, you can read about how you can strategize content curation that has been the center of attraction…

Content Curation Strategies Every L&D Should Know About

1st December 2020

learning and development

Learning and development is perhaps the most crucial department in any organization. And so, when you are catering to a large audience, it is your responsibility to find the right mix of strategies to keep the employees engaged with your learning and development training sessions. 

One of the most important strategies that you should be focused on is offering the right content. More often than not employees feel like the training sessions are difficult or boring not because the content is not enough but because there is a lot more than needed. It becomes difficult for the employees to scoop out the valuable information from the lot. 

Thus, you should focus on offering curated content rather than over-the-shelf material. This way you can ensure that you are creating content that is relevant and is offered to those who will actually find it helpful. 

If you are not sure about curating content yourself, you can easily compare content providers that can be found in abundance in the market and get your employees some custom, tailor-made content that goes well with their role and department. 

In this article, you can read about how you can strategize content curation that has been the center of attraction for L&D departments in many organizations in recent times. 


Open the world of information

While it may sound a little too overwhelming, it only means that your eLearning course for your organization should be turned into a portal that actually opens to a world full of information for employees. 

The human capital is always in search of growth and upskilling. Make sure you are offering content that has been designed specifically to cater to their needs. When the content will help them understand their job responsibilities, get an insight into their department, and when their database is organized according to their field of interest, they will feel more inclined towards the course. 

It is important that your learners are finding your course relevant and interesting otherwise your learning and development department will simply fail to thrive. 


Make your learners your leaders

No one knows themselves more than oneself, no matter what the people say. Instead of putting in efforts to figure out how your employees are liking your content or how relevant they think your content is, it is best to leave this task up to them. 

Get your audience to rate or vote content on the basis of relevance. Once you have the votes ready, you should focus on creating content that has the most votes. This is because then the chances of more people going through the material in your organization increases. 

You can also add social learning for learners where they can build a community. This community can be their safe space to share areas of improvement, share their experiences, interest, follow what others have to say, and more importantly, give you collective feedback. 


Do not stop evolving

This is perhaps the most common and basic strategy for content curation but it is still one of the most important ones. When you are creating content for your team, you should also keep in mind the importance of learning more, growing, and innovating further. 

As you progress, as your team progresses, it is important for you to keep refining your strategies in order to ensure that you are succeeding in training your employees. 

Make sure you do not let the feedback go to waste. Evolve with the business, its needs, and the ever-changing training requirements. It is needed to ensure the content being curated is valuable. 



Curating content is not easy but it is necessary. Make sure you get all your content curation strategies right in order to make your L&D training a success.







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