Corporate Vision Magazine Announces the Winners of the 2020 Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards


United Kingdom, 2020– Corporate Vision Magazine has announced the winners of the 2020 Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards.

The Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards returns once more in this most unusual of years. Yet, perhaps this year more than any other, the need for guidance and leadership has only grown as companies seek support in a situation that many would never thought to have encountered.

Recruitment, equally, has been in an unusual position, having to adapt to strange new procedures and best practices. A once very personal process became more distant, and – in many cases – demand for recruitment services skyrocketed. All in all, the space has seen disruption and challenges that, just a year ago, would have seemed very alien indeed.

Yet, coaches and recruiters remain unsung heroes of the global business community. Guiding and teaching, growing and innovating, they are accelerators of change and the drivers of improvement. Here at Corporate Vision we celebrate those that “drive the future of better business”, and who else fits that criteria more than corporate coaches and recruiters?

Awards Coordinator Gabrielle Ellis spoke on the success of this year’s programme and winners: “It’s been a challenging year for businesses across the world, regardless of size, location or industry of operation. As such, the work of coaches and recruiters has been an essential one, offering guidance and tools to whether difficulty and drive their company ever forward. In this, I offer a sincere congratulations to all recognised in this year’s programme and hope you all have a better, more productive and more successful year ahead.”

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