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Decades of Success.

The rebranded recently Aptum formally has 20 years of experience in data management. After its first year under the new…

Decades of Success

11th June 2021

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The recently rebranded Aptum is driven by a mission to provide hybrid solutions to enable Data as Infrastructure for clients across the world in a broad spectrum of industries. Equipped with two decades of experience and a proactive curiosity for technological progress, Aptum is one of a few companies able to provide truly hybrid, effective solutions that enhance data management and capabilities. We took a closer look at Aptum after its first successful year of operation.

Aptum is a global hybrid multi-cloud managed service provider of business-to-business products and services for customers across North America, Latin America, Europe, and the UK. The firm, headquartered in Toronto, is rare in its delivery of true hybrid solutions that are designed to enable Data as InfrastructureTM.

At the heart of every organization, data is just as important to business operations as physical infrastructure, as it is required for decision-making, profitability, productivity, and business successes. However, with the volume of information handled by businesses growing at an exponential rate and data becoming even more integral to business infrastructure, technology platforms are needed to help better manage the data in order for it to be productively used for decision-making, risk evaluation and customer engagement, without becoming overwhelming in the influx of data available.

For over twenty years, Aptum has assisted customers in storing, managing, moving, and securing their critical data in order to maximize the potential of that data infrastructure which drives tangible business outcomes and boosts the value of their technology investments.

Boasting rare genuine hybrid infrastructure solutions, Aptum is able to deliver Data Center, Cloud, Connecting and Managed Services across North America and the UK. Its portfolio of essential B2B products and services include colocation, network connectivity, managed hosting, cloud services and IT managed services, which can be selected and used in tailored, comprehensive solutions for Aptum’s clients as they look to drive business success.

The universal and adaptable nature of Aptum’s solutions has resulted in the firm’s services being sought across a broad range of key verticals, as they are widely recognized for their relevance across multiple markets. Consequently, Aptum has provided its services to enterprises in industries such as AdTech, Technology Services, Financial Services, Scale Ups, eCommerce, Healthcare, Retail, Education (UK), Hospitality (LATAM) and Municipalities. The firm’s portfolio consists of brands such as The Trade Desk, Kings Distributed Systems, Element AI, Centro, and LoveSpace, which have established, trusting relationships with the Aptum team. Indeed, more than 4,500 of Aptum’s clients have worked with the firm for an average of seven years.

Twenty years after its inception, following company mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, and transformations, Aptum took on its next stage of evolution in 2019 when it was totally rebranded following its acquisition by Digital Colony, adopting its new name which means ‘adaptability’. The rebrand of the firm was a significant landmark that represented two decades of helping clients to unlock the potential of their data infrastructure, and at the same time, marked the firm’s visions for the future.

With the new brand came a new business model that was designed with Aptum’s goals at the fore. Transitioning from a regional structure to a global structure as an independent company, Aptum was able to adapt its operations so that customers were able to access the most effective service from a worldwide pool of resources and enhanced digital tools. For instance, Aptum added Managed Amazon Web Services to its existing portfolio of Managed Microsoft Azure Private and Hybrid Cloud services, enhancing their offerings for clients and as a result giving them the tools required to maximize the data at the core of their businesses.

As with any business, enhancing the data management capabilities of a company is not achieved through a quick fix, but requires meticulous and thorough solutions and implementation. The same principles were applied for the transformation of Aptum. As such, the firm invested in the assembly of a team of experienced industry leaders who would prioritise delivering continued value to its customers. Meanwhile, all Aptum teams across Canada, the US, and beyond were invited to Toronto to take part in ‘Aptum Grow’, a two day training event that focused on honing the two decades of expertise that had built Aptum so far, as well as celebrating and promoting the unity of the Aptum team.

Fundamentally, Aptum is not centered on the products and services it sells, but its clients and its people. For twenty years, the priority of the firm has been on helping clients to maximize their data infrastructure to facilitate successful business activity and this is what continues to drive the Aptum teams across the globe. At Aptum, the leadership team that is headed by President and CEO, Susan Bowen, strives to foster a culture where employees know that they are valued, respected and safe. Operating across offices from Toronto to Vancouver, San Antonio to Miami, London to Southampton, Aptum has cultivated a diverse and inclusive workplace that thrives on the diversity of ideas, beliefs, and experiences. The result of this happy, healthy, and secure working environment is a team that celebrates its personal and professional achievements and makes a positive impact on its clients and the communities they work in.

In the first 150 days of Aptum’s operation as a new, independent organization, significant efforts were also invested on how the firm could make a positive impact on the environment, as part of its drive to give back to its community and planet. As such, in addition to the Pay It Forward community volunteer program run by Aptum to provide food and gifts to local communities, Aptum has made several environment commitments. First, the firm implemented a global process that tracks and responsibly disposes of all e-waste from its fifteen sites and nineteen office locations around the year by the end of its fiscal 2020. In the meantime, the firm is also exploring different programs and initiatives that will continue to offset Aptum’s carbon footprint.

At the same time, Aptum continues to investigate how it can further enhance its offerings for clients. With the rebranding came the decision to operate with two business units. The Data Center Business in Atlanta focuses on maintaining Aptum’s position as a leading hybrid solution managed provider by helping customers across North America, Europe and LATAM roll out multi-cloud services. Meanwhile, Aptum’s Fiber Business is Canada’s first independent, neutral host of small cell and 5G infrastructure, that will also continue to offer enterprise and wholesale fiber connectivity through metro networks across Toronto, Montreal and the international MPLS network.

With new technologies such as 5G and AI opening up new worlds of opportunity for Aptum to build on its reputation for solving complex business challenges as an informed partner that offers profound technical expertise rather than simply a supplier, Aptum has a bright future ahead as it moves into this exciting next step in its development. In 2020, the firm already launched several new products and services that exhibited its growing capabilities in technology, often in partnership with other leading tech companies. For instance, in March, Aptum was able to announce the result of its collaboration with Alert Logic, the market-defining Alert Logic Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution that was now available for Aptum’s global customers.

This partnership was the first of its kind in Canada and the technology enabled proactive detection capabilities which facilitated the fast identification of cyber threats and higher levels of support with remediation and response guidance. With IT environments becoming more complex, more valuable, and at greater risk of attacks, this technology has already proven invaluable to Aptum clients since its launch in early 2020. Throughout the year, Aptum continued to release similarly ground-breaking services and products, such as a Managed DevOps Service powered by CloudOps designed to simplify and streamline application development.

After a busy 2020, it is clear that the new Aptum brand is already flourishing, keen to continue capitalising on advancements in technology that will allow the firm to offer deep technical expertise and services to enhance data infrastructure management and capabilities of its clients. Already established as a leader in its market, we look forward to seeing what new heights are reached by Aptum in its pursuit of technological progress and advanced solutions for its global clientele.

Contact Tonique Bedeau at Aptum Technologies for further details.

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