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Delivering Simplicity, Visibility, Collaboration.

CV’s Corporate Excellence programme was launched to recognise businesses across the world who are working to ‘better the future of…

Delivering Simplicity, Visibility, Collaboration

5th January 2021


CV’s Corporate Excellence programme was launched to recognise businesses across the world who are working to ‘better the future of business’. Working in communication technology – a vital aspect of business, especially this year – NetAlly has made a profound impression on the industry since its establishment in 2019. Named, rightfully so, as the ‘Best Portable Network Testing Solutions Provider’, we endeavoured to find out more about NetAlly through Dan Klimke, Director of Product Marketing.

NetAlly has curated a reputation based on ‘firsts’. Trendsetting from the outset, and pacemakers in its market, NetAlly has swiftly distinguished itself as a brand to trust in the area of communications network test equipment. Of course, this is made all the more impressive when you consider the sheer competitiveness of the greater technology landscape. Yet, all things considered, the company was in good hands from the start, almost destined to thrive and blossom into the business it is today.

In this year of all years, communication has been a crucial tool for continuation – continuation through what has been, by all regards, a year defined by disruption. NetAlly, alongside its contemporaries, have been vital guides for businesses in all industries who required an expert touch to ensure their IT networks remained future proof, their communications fit for purpose, and able to scale to demand.

In this, as Dan explains, NetAlly was only too eager to take on the role of a client ally, looking to best serve businesses in a sphere that can seem, too often, overwhelming. “Our guiding principles are simplicity, visibility and collaboration. In our customers’ world, they struggle to keep up with technology, and the ever-increasing complexity of their networks and how difficult it is to manage, optimize, and secure them. They are challenged from not having easy access to the data or evidence of how and why connectivity or performance problems are occurring. Also, nearly every organization struggles with how to manage and support remote sites, particularly in today’s environment, where travel may not be possible.”

“We see ourselves as “allies” to our customers – a trusted partner, friend, and supporter. They can depend on our products, and on us as their partner. As Allies, we do what we say, we get things done – quickly.
– Dan Klimke
Dan Klimke
Dan Klimke

Client centricity has acted as a key differentiator for NetAlly. Ultimately, the company promises to deliver a solution that is practical, suitable, easy to use, and tailored to the unique needs of network engineers and technicians. Dan refers to this as focusing on the “voice of the customer”: “We aim to understand their daily challenges and engineer our products in ways that make their daily work lives easier.”

Of course, that goal would be hard to achieve without a founding team of engineers, all with a mindset towards innovation and a passion for helping clients navigate an intimidating networking minefield. This team has a history of creating pacesetting products on the market, a reputation firmly solidified from the development of the world’s first handheld network analyser, the LANMeter® some twenty-five years ago. With this in mind, NetAlly’s quick success becomes self-explanatory, as Dan continues:

“With this history and experience, our current solutions have been designed to tackle the complexities of network testing. To provide instant visibility for efficient problem solving, which in turn, enables seamless collaboration between site personnel and remote experts. We aim to deliver solutions that network managers, engineers, technicians, or field service installers andsystem integrators can rely on to get their job done, fast.”


“Above all, we are passionate about our mission… “best-in-class” can sometimes be an over-used term, but we aim for that… we aim high in everything we do, to ensure that our products, service, expertise, and relationships with our partners, customers and co-workers are unsurpassed in the industry.”


It is important to frame NetAlly’s success and growth against the backdrop of the pandemic. Where many have struggled, NetAlly must have seemed like a well-timed blessing after its emergence into the arena in 2019. However, despite the brand’s youth, the team behind it are anything but novice – comprised of experts with decades of experience and with roots in the industry stretching back to the early nineties. Armed with this experience, combined with the agility and dynamism of a small business, has proven to be a potent one-two punch for NetAlly, spearheading its success – we’re certain – for years to come.

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