Deploying Technology in Trucking to Win Loyal Customers


Having a sound transport system is vital to the operations of many, if not all, businesses. This has caused the commercial fleet industry to expand rapidly, increasing the competition within it. Improving the quality of services to attain customer loyalty is essential in order to secure a place in the industry. You can do this by investing in advanced fleet dash cam systems if you own a fleet. Below, we explore how such technology can let you win loyal customers. 


Performance: Enhanced Services

Fleet dash cam systems have long since evolved out of the basic record-and-store model. Sophisticated solutions in the market come packed with several capabilities due to the integration of various technologies like AI, GPS tracking, cloud storage, etc. These can let you retain your customers by allowing better fleet performance in a number of ways:  


1. Better Routing

Customers value timeliness. However, ensuring quick deliveries goes beyond looking for the shortest route. Unpredictable traffic jams and faulty roads can delay deliveries, impacting your reputation and turning away first-time customers from enlisting your fleet’s services again. 

Having GPS integrated into vehicle monitoring systems lets managers analyze all the available routes through real-time traffic information. If congested roads are spotted on time, the driver can be instructed to change their course. On the other hand, dash camera systems let you assess the condition of the road when needed, allowing you to store the information for future references and direct the driver to a better route.   


2. Reduced Idling

Drivers can cause delays in deliveries by taking unnecessary stops. As drivers realize their location and video can be accessed by fleet managers anytime, the likelihood of them idling will decrease. In addition, integrating GPS systems can record and confirm the time at which a vehicle reaches the designated site. This enhanced visibility over your operations lets you ensure that your trucks reach their destinations at the optimum time, making sure your customers face no delays.  


3. Safe Deliveries of Products

Having inward-facing cameras has two benefits. Firstly, it ensures that the driver is not indulging in reckless behavior like drinking while driving. Secondly, it deters any potential break-ins as such systems can be set up to start recording if they sense motion in a parked vehicle. These features ensure that products get delivered to the customers as safely as possible. 


4. Better Control Over Interactions With Customers

Letting drivers know they are being monitored ensures that they stay on their best behavior when interacting with customers. This, along with quick service and a record of the arrival times, lets your customer service remain on top. In addition, in the case of a customer filing a complaint like having to deal with a driver who has consumed alcohol, you can swiftly analyze the video evidence and take measures to compensate the wronged party.


Ethics: Safer Employees and Safer Community

With increasing awareness, customers have begun valuing companies that are transparent in how they stay true to their claimed values. Over half of the consumers in the US alone say that they have stopped purchasing from companies that they perceive as unethical. In contrast, three in ten consumers are seen to support companies on social media that they perceive as ethical. 

Large vehicles are not as easy to control, so trucking businesses need to prove that they take employee and community safety seriously. Here is how advanced dash camera and tracking systems help you do that:


1. Safer Drives

Ethical operations of business entail making the security of employees the topmost priority. Fleet dash camera systems are vital for trucking businesses to ensure that their drivers remain safe. More than 40% of users report a considerable decrease in safety incidents since employing fleet tracking solutions to monitor driver behavior. This does not mean having an eye on all footage all day long but rather integrating intelligent systems to monitor the fleet.

Advanced fleet dash cam systems offer smart in-cab cameras that can detect signs of exhaustion and alert the driver audibly so that they can focus, pull up, or inform managers of their condition to get a replacement. Access to 360-degree footage further ensures that you can fight against wrongful claims made against your drivers in case of accidents, as video recording provides undebatable evidence.


2. Quick Response to Emergencies

As GPS integrated systems let you have access to the exact location of your vehicles, you can dispatch technical help quickly in case of any driver requesting mechanical or technical assistance if a vehicle breaks down. Not only does this further aid in making quick deliveries, but this feature further lets you ascertain that no driver gets stranded in an inhospitable landscape, further enhancing the security you provide to your drivers.


3. Ease of Driver Training and Performance Tracking

Training drivers is essential to let you make sure they drive patiently and safely. Dashcam systems can allow you to track driver performances and habits down to the bits that need correction. GPS systems can further be programmed to record the maximum speed attained by each vehicle, letting you pinpoint if a driver is driving too fast. Finally, drivers themselves can figure out areas that they need improvement in through features such as post-incident analysis. The better training you impart, the more you will be playing your part in ensuring that your fleet vehicles drive safely on the road.


4. Safer Communities

Working towards a safer community should be among the core values of any business. Holding your fleet members to high standards of driving quality lets you work towards maintaining and enhancing the safety of entire communities. When you employ tracking systems, you can hold drivers accountable for their actions. Ensuring this accountability is vital to playing your part in making your business operations safer to keep your surroundings secure.



Getting new customers is more expensive than maintaining existing ones, so businesses must ensure that their performance stays consistent and improves with time. Advanced dashcam systems allow better visibility and control over fleets, letting trucking businesses provide the best services possible. In addition, deploying such technology ensures that vehicles are driven as safely as possible. If you own a commercial fleet, investing in sophisticated dashcam systems may be necessary for you to secure a stronghold in the market.