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Digital Data Defenders

As digital technologies become increasingly integrated into businesses, there is an increasing need for advanced and efficient data protection solutions.…

Digital Data Defenders

27th September 2019

As digital technologies become increasingly integrated into businesses, there is an increasing need for advanced and efficient data protection solutions. Atempo is a leading independent European-based software vendor providing solutions to protect, store, move, and recover all mission-critical data. With influential CEO Luc d’Urso at the helm, discover how Atempo helps secure the future of digital business.

Founded in 1992 and headquartered just south of Paris, Atempo’s flagship data protection technology addresses the needs of very large data storage. The firm specializes in using a highly efficient backup approaches. In addition to their large storage backup, archiving and disaster recovery solutions, the same technology also delivers fast and reliable file migration and synchronization between different storage platforms.

The firm’s flagship data protection technology, Miria, addresses the needs of very large storages with millions of files and petabyte-scale unstructured data volumes using a highly efficient backup approach. Over the next
decade, the greatest challenge to the economy will be moving, protecting and exploiting these very large data sets.

Atempo also commercialize other solutions such as Lina, a continuous data protection solution for workstations, file servers and laptops. Backstone is a range of all-inone backup appliances, particularly suited for remote-site environments. Tina is a powerful and renowned backup and data preservation solution for virtual and physical servers and applications.

Keen to maintain a critical eye on trends, Atempo understand that sometimes those trends prove to be fleeting despite the hype and promise. Instead, they choose to seek out real and concrete benefits of technological revolutions that clients can benefit from. For example, the company understands the limits of a completely cloud-based digital architecture in terms of availability, security, business continuity, and budgetary control. However, their solutions are particularly well-suited to hybrid cloud environments, encompassing the best technology can offer.

By providing innovative solutions in data protection, Atempo has progressively won new accounts from clients across the world in a wide variety of sectors and industries. Faced with a colossal wave of data, the company seeks to offer solutions for those working in banking and finance, aviation, media and entertainment, medical research, and life sciences.

As a software vendor, building trust between their staff and their clients is key to Atempo’s continued success. All their engineers have a background of sound knowledge in backup and storage technologies and most have been with the company for more than ten years. Contrary to many of their competitors, the firm develops its own solutions completely in-house, not outsourcing their R&D to India, China or Eastern Europe. When it comes to protecting clients’ mission-critical data, Atempo controls 100% of their own code and data.

Another department that is completely in-house is the customer support team. Building trust and loyalty is a primary goal for Atempo, and through their availability, responsiveness, and provision of relevant information, they constantly achieve this. Customer satisfaction is measured weekly, and rates are kept above 94%, with yearly staff turnover at less than 5%. The importance of this cannot be overstated, as it means that the customer care team is a united and supportive group that has worked together to have a better understanding of clients, their needs, IT architectures, and technical constraints.

Spearheading this firm’s vital work in data protection is CEO Luc d’Urso. Attracting talented people to go and work at Atempo, Luc gives employees the means to express and develop their skills. As CEO, Luc provides a stimulating work environment, clear courses of action from a strategic point of view, and effective tools to achieve set goals for all employees.

He also encourages and engages with the most advanced hardware vendors, co-operating closely with his own team to offer the highest standards of performance which can only be achieved through extensive integration. It will come as no surprise to learn that Luc is a firm believer in the power and vitality of IT ecosystems moving forward.

Luc often acts as the guardian for Atempo’s strategic activities, ensuring that the company offerings turn into real, tangible and durable benefits for not just the clients, but the partners and staff also. He is aware that where others may well get more work done during the day, no-one smiles or laughs more than he does.

Cultivating an atmosphere that allows employees to thrive, Luc sets the pace whilst ensuring that every member of staff is on board with any decisions made. A humble listener and attentive observer, Luc’s work is vital in ensuring that the company has become an internationally trusted partner on cybersecurity and data protection.

Focusing ahead to 2020 and beyond, global data volumes are estimated to rise from 33 zettabytes today to 175 zettabytes in 2025. That’s a 61% year-on-year increase and just storing this amount of data will be an industrial challenge. However, it is a challenge that Atempo is already meeting full on. Extracting value from unstructured data, machine learning and AI will be at the heart of many business drivers. Ensuring big data is available for analysis and value extraction will be crucial for many enterprises.

Handling data in the petabyte (one million gigabytes), exabyte (one billion gigabytes), and zettabyte (one trillion gigabytes) era will require innovative hardware technology from silicon chips to network layers and storage devices. Data handling software will enable Atempo to protect, move, synchronize, and copy billions of files locally and remotely. The cloud cannot handle Big Data storage requirements alone, and there will necessarily be a hybrid element to future storage needs.

This is the reasons why Atempo has recently opened an advanced Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Research Center in Orleans, France. The research lab, Nextino, will concentrate on analytical support, machine learning, deep machine learning and AI for data management, protection and migration solutions for large and very large data volumes.

Ultimately, the continued success of Atempo and CEO Luc d’Urso is down to their fundamental understanding of the necessity for data protection and cybersecurity. Digital data is undoubtedly the most valuable asset of the twenty-first century economy, and this firm is at the forefront of developing innovative solutions to help protect it.

Contact: Luc d’Urso, CEO
Address: 23, avenue Carnot – 91300 Massy – France
Telephone: +33 1 6486 8300

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