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GhangorCloud is the brainchild of Tarique Mustafa, who serves as CEO of the firm. He talks to us about the future of cybersecurity in the wake of the firm being crowned “Most Outstanding Software in Cyber Security Solutions – 2019”.

In today’s data and information driven economy, data is a lifeline that needs to flow safely and must be protected at all cost. For every organisation – big or small, private or public, business or governmental agencies – data is ‘gold’.

Leading cybersecurity solution provider, GhangorCloud, is the industry-recognised pioneer of the “4th Generation Data Leak and Exfiltration Prevention (DLEP)” security solution and technology. The firm’s highly innovative product and technology protects mission critical and confidential data from unauthorised access, disclosure or theft.

As well as this core product offering, GhangorCloud has also invented several other breakthrough technologies that have completely transformed the very definition of Cybersecurity and what it entails to build a credible defense against Cyberattacks that are targeted towards data exfiltration and theft.

GhangorCloud’s founder, Tarique Mustafa, (chief executive officer and the brain behind its technology) is an industry recognised technologist and visionary, with deep expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Cybersecurity and Knowledge Engineering With more than 20 years of industry experience in technical leadership positions at Symantec, DHL-Airways IT, MCI WorldCom, EDS, Andes Networks and Nevis Networks, Tarique is well-versed in building industry leading security products. Previously, he founded Network Utilities (a Silicon Valley start-up that built wireless infrastructure and security platforms) that was acquired by Andes Networks. Tarique also served as the CTO of Andes Networks, architects of an SSL Security Appliance and acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2003, and he served as Principal Architect at Nevis Networks where he was responsible for building next generation Security Monitoring and Security Event Correlation technology for IDS/IPS (Intrusion Detection/ Prevention) and SSL/IPSec.

He tells us more about the current industry situation and voices his predictions.

“We are living in an interesting time that is only going to become more interesting and challenging,” he begins. “A great deal of foundational technological breakthroughs will be needed to address the emerging data security challenges. Existing data security vendors that currently dominate the market will either disappear or will be taken over by newcomers with better solutions and drastically new technological advancements.”

At this moment in time, GhangorCloud provides the “Best of the Breed” cybersecurity solution for all businesses that have important confidential data needing to be protected against accidental or malicious disclosure and theft and, as such, its client base is widely diversified, ranging from Fortune-100 Corporations to medium-sized companies.

“We have clients both in the Government Agencies in several countries as well as Public and Private Sectors,” continues Tarique. “Our client base ranges over many vertical markets including Financial Institutions, Banking Industry, Hi-Tech Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Smart Cities, National Security Agencies and Government Ministries.

“Our Go-To-Market approach has been a combination of 20% direct sales and 80% through Value Added Resellers (VARs) and System Integrators (SIs). We have recently been aggressively signing up VARs and SIs in several geographical locations in US, EMEA, SEA, India and Australia.”

GhangorCloud’s biggest strength when it comes to its overwhelming success is actually two-fold, as Tarique goes on to explain.

“Firstly, the team is comprised of highly experienced, knowledgeable and motivated staff. Both the founders and the executive team have a track record of delivering highly successful industry leading products and services.”

“Every team member plays a crucial role in their respective capacities towards the success of the company’s product in the marketplace. It is a very well-knitted teamwork that results in the recurrent success of GhangorCloud’s product and services with our customers.”

“Secondly, the firm’s unique ground-breaking technology has created a paradigm shift in data security. Its key technology patents have been recognised in the industry as some of the major breakthroughs in the areas of Data Classification, Policy Synthesis and Access Control.”

Today, GhangorCloud is the only 4th Generation DLEP solution that actually addresses the chronic issue of Data Leaks and Theft Prevention. As such, it is now acknowledged in the industry as the “Gold Standard” in its class of Cybersecurity solutions. “We have received strong testimonials from our “Marquee” customers in several vertical markets. Several of our customers who have had disappointing experience with the traditional 3rd Generation DLP solutions, have replaced our competitors with GhangorCloud’s 4th Generation DLEP solutions. We are seeing an increased number of large customers who are abandoning the old 3rd Generation DLP deployments and are installing GhangorCloud’s 4th Generation DLP solution.”

As well as the innovative 4th gen solution, Tarique has several other patents (approved and pending) with USPTO and has published many research publications in the areas of Information & Data Security, Computer & Network Security, Software Architecture, Database Technologies and Artificial Intelligence. He was awarded the prestigious Rotary International Scholarship for his Doctoral Studies in Computer Science at University of Southern California (USC), and also holds Master’s Degrees in Engineering and Computer Science from University of Southern California (USC),
and a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from NED University of Engineering & Technology.

“The main challenge that we anticipate moving forwards is going to be primarily arising from the immense confusion created by half-baked security solutions that unfortunately get falsely marketed as ‘panacea’ to the data security challenge,” he states. “Most of these solutions are ineffective but they eat up a substantial chunk of the IT budget under false promises. This has a cascading effect and demoralizes the customers so much that they have hard time believing in genuinely effective solutions as well. This phenomenon elongates the sales cycle as longer Proofof-Concept (POC) cycle is demanded by the customer.”

Despite these challenges, Tarique and the GhangorCloud team are determined to face these issues head on, and already has plans in place to ensure continued growth and success far into the future. “While GhangorCloud has exceeded its plan and targets for 2019, we have an ambitious and robust future roadmap for 2020 onwards,” he exclaims. “The firm is aggressively working on establishing further partnerships with data security VARs, SIs, and security analytics organisations, and is expanding its presence in Europe, Africa, and Australia.

“To further enhance its current data security platform, GhangorCloud is now moving toward implementing 5th Generation Cybersecurity Technology. However, before we get to this point, currently we are highly focused on releasing two new versions of our 4th generation solution to render best-in-breed security solutions to our clients around the globe.”

Contact: Tarique Mustafa
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