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Ensuring Cybersecurity with METCloud

Based in Birmingham and founded over 22years ago, the work of METCloud has been recognised for delivering high levels of…

Ensuring Cybersecurity with METCloud

18th June 2021

Ensuring Cybersecurity with METCloud

METCloud, launched in 2017 and Head Quartered in Birmingham, has seen it achieve no small amount of recognition for delivering the highest levels of innovation and excellence within the ever-evolving world of cloud and cybersecurity technology. Such is the excellence that METCloud has delivered over the years, that it has been named the Most Innovative Cloud Security Solutions Provider 2021 – UK in this issue of Corporate Vision. Join us now as we take a closer look at what the firm has to offer, and why its excellence has been so consistent.

As an award-winning IT managed service provider and deliverer of innovative excellence, METCloud has slowly but surely carved out a reputation for itself as being one of the best in the business for its cyber secure hybrid cloud platform. In order to ensure that the firm continues to reach the lofty heights that it has become accustomed to, METCloud has been built from the ground up using the highest levels of cyber security technologies that are currently available in the market today. METCloud is all about tailoring its own innovative services in order to ensure that they are specifically aligned with a client’s or organisation’s unique requirements. By tailoring the services provided, the firm can ensure that what it offers is all that a client will ever need from a cloud platform. They no longer have to use multiple sources or companies to work alongside; clients and organisations can simply get everything they need from METCloud when it comes to having a cloud platform.

Since the firm was founded over twenty-two years ago, METCloud has operated with a single vision. That vision has remained the same throughout the company’s lifetime, and is focused on developing to become a globally-recognised brand that is synonymous with robust cyber security technologies and services alike. METCloud remains as committed as ever to delivering the most advanced technical support to its every client, and works closely alongside them in striving to integrate the best technology solution for them in a seamless and effortless manner. It can perhaps be summed up best by saying that METCloud is shaping the future of the new digital economy and new value creation.

METCloud is more than just a multi-award-winning cloud and cybersecurity platform, though that in itself would be an outstanding status to have. Instead, METCloud has not settled for what is, and is constantly striving to do better, deliver more, and create greater results for clients. Through its various partnerships, the firm is also helping organisations accelerate the adoption of new and next-generation technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and data analytics. New technologies such as these in turn support the organisations with their goals of exponential growth and greater positive impact on the environments, sustainability, and society. METCloud is at the heart of that adoption, and is facilitating technological growth like never before.

Not only is the work of METCloud important in helping to facilitate and perpetuate technological growth, but it is also vital from a cybersecurity standpoint. 2020 saw a great many businesses shift their processes and procedures online due to the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a direct result of that, businesses have also become a great deal more vulnerable to cyberattacks. According to the latest statistics on METCloud’s website, upwards of 32 percent of UK businesses identified a cyber breach in the last twelve months, and 28 percent labelled cybercrime as the most disruptive type of fraud. 2020 was a year that tested the strength of the cybersecurity industry like never before, and the future is set to test those limits further. METCloud is prepared for what may come, and is prepared to offer its clients a way of enhancing cloud security.

What METCloud does better than its competitors is focus on the creation of a cybersecure cloud platform that has been built specifically with SMEs in mind. Understanding that every business is unique and that their needs are just as unique is one thing, but building a cloud platform from the ground up that is focused on addressing the needs of one specific group of companies and enterprises is another thing entirely. METCloud ensures that every single one of its services is aimed at addressing a specific need within the SME community of Birmingham, the United Kingdom, and further afield.

The array of services provided on and through the METCloud platform is extensive, and includes a wide variety of different services. For instance, the firm offers enterprise class compute and storage, identity access management, next-generation firewalls, endpoint protection, cyber awareness training, ISMS, email security, SOC-as-a-service, backup, and DR-as-a-service, and that just begins to scratch the surface of what the platform is truly capable of. Innovation and excellence do not come easy, but the work of METCloud in creating its own innovation and excellence is nothing short of exceptional.

Very little of METCloud’s current success would have been possible without the hard work and dedication of its CEO, Mr Ian Vickers. The last few years have been a period of exponential growth for METCloud, and Mr Vickers has had a lot to do with that. In 2017, Mr Vickers launched METCloud as a brand, and the organisation has since gone on to be recognised as one of the most secure cybersecurity platforms not only in the United Kingdom, but in the wider world. As a result of this international recognition, METCloud has also won dozens of internationally-recognised awards for innovation.

Through the leadership provided by Mr Vickers, METCloud has developed to become a multi-million pound organisation that is leading the way in cybersecurity innovation. With further international expansion in 2022, this year may be one of consolidation and planning. Looking both forwards and backwards however, METCloud can be incredibly proud of what it has achieved over the course of twenty-three years in business. Furthermore, with Mr Vickers at the helm, that success is surely set to keep coming for everyone, both those working at METCloud and the clients that it partners with on a daily basis.

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