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Everything in One Place

Online retail and eCommerce is becoming an increasingly common aspect of everyday shopping. The ability to order something from the…

Everything in One Place

6th March 2020

Online retail and eCommerce is becoming an increasingly common aspect of everyday shopping. The ability to order something from the comfort of one’s own sofa has rapidly developed to become the premier form of shopping. We profile the Kenya-based firm Krisspatt Collection, named in Corporate Vision Magazine as the Best Online Consumer Retail Platform – Kenya.

Whilst many individual brands have sought to move their services online, recent years have also given rise to supermarkets and malls doing the same thing. Household brand names have begun to offer online shopping and delivery services to ensure that customers can have what they want and need, whenever they want or need it. Online commerce has many benefits, including the ability to allow customers to view a product without having to physically walk around until they find it. It is this innovation that Krisspatt Collection seeks to bring to the residents of Nairobi and Kenya; an online shopping mall that offers every single customer a wide variety of products.

From the comfort of a home, office, or wirelessly connected mobile device anywhere across Kenya, customers can access the online portal of Krisspatt Collection. Shopping using this online portal is much like shopping in any real, tangible mall, just without the hassle that comes with it. Users can take their time to explore deals at their own pace in a place that they feel comfortable. From the website, users can easily navigate the website in search of the products that they want.

Every item that could be found in store, and many more that may be out of stock, can be found in the online store. Laid out clearly, with easily-navigable headings and sections, there is no need for wandering aimlessly around supermarkets any more. Krisspatt Collection plays host to everything that the modern-day Kenyan online shopper requires, from televisions and tablets, to cookers and carpets. Available at the click of a mouse or the tap of a screen, users can browse by item category or use the search function for an even more seamless shopping experience.

It’s as simple as that for the user, but the exemplary service from Krisspatt Collection does not end there. Rather than expect shoppers to pick their chosen items up, or pay a delivery fee to have them taken somewhere, the company offers free home delivery services to its highlyesteemed clientele. Customer loyalty is important for any business, but this Kenyan firm consistently goes one step further in making sure that every client feels truly catered for. As part of the firm’s ongoing excellence in customer service, it also offers a three-hour delivery service, secure payment methods, unbeatable prices, and a threeday returns policy on any items.

Shopping has never been so straightforward for the residents of Kenya. With a world of products available at their fingertips, shoppers can experience the joy of retail without ever having to leave the comfort of home. As online retail continues to prove a more popular choice than the traditional high street shops, Krisspatt Collection is not simply one of the most excellent and client-centric shopping experiences; it is also one of the most innovative in Kenya today.

Company: Krisspatt Collection
Contact: Christine Mulu

Categories: Tech

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