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Finding New Solutions.

A market leader in deep and dark web cyber threat intelligence, Sixgill helps Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, governments and…

Finding New Solutions

18th May 2020

A market leader in deep and dark web cyber threat intelligence, Sixgill helps Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, governments and law enforcement agencies to address a wide range of cybersecurity challenges. Recently recognized by Corporate Vision as 2020’s Best Automated CTI Platform Provider, we profiled the company to discover more about the award-winning firm.

Since their inception, Sixgill has been providing one of the broadest coverages of exclusive-access deep and dark web sources, as well as relevant surface web sources by using an agile and automatic collection methodology. The firm was originally founded with the objective of automating the threat intelligence cycle in order to help prevent cyberattacks or mitigate their damage, whilst significantly reducing the time analysts and investigators spend in trying to decipher and protect against these attacks. Today, these objectives Sixgill was founded on are still relevant to the firm.

Based in both Israel and the United States, Sixgill utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate the production cycle of cyber intelligence, focusing specifically on any relevant threats operating in underground sources. Additionally, the firm’s cyber threat solution focuses more on the organization’s intelligence needs, helping them to mitigate risk.

Working primarily with large financial organizations, such as banks and insurance companies, Sixgill also works alongside MSSPs who service smaller companies. The majority of the larger financial organizations have been the early adapters, and are well equipped with threat intelligence analysts for whom the Sixgill platform is designed.

Offering both the platform itself, which is tailored for the needs of analysts and investigators, Sixgill also provides actionable alerts that have been geared for a second tier of analysts that are more interested in having the intelligence provided to them in terms of alerts from which they can decide to investigate further if required.

Working within an industry which is always growing and developing due to advancements in technology is a constant challenge every company within the sector faces. For instance, threat intelligence is a subset of cybersecurity, but one that is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. As for how Sixgill overcomes these changes whilst remaining ahead of the competition, is by focusing on threat intelligence that is emanating from exclusive dark and deep web sources and in that regard, has the most robust and comprehensive coverage of dark web sources.

In addition to this, the talented team at Sixgill also uniquely analyzes the dark web as a social network and provides a threat intelligence picture based on the activities and connections of the threat actors. If this wasn’t enough to stand out amongst their competitors, Sixgill is also one of the only companies to collect and analyze images that are being posted on these exclusive sites.

As a growing company with 35 individuals employed, each team member at Sixgill is a major player in the success of the business. Whilst there is a corporate hierarchy, everyone has access to everyone, including the CEO, all voices are heard and ideas and initiative are promoted.

As for what the rest of 2020 holds for the firm, Sixgill is a expanding company with plans in the pipeline to grow later this year. The company just completed its second round of funding of $15 million. Currently, the firm are in recruiting mode – aiming to attract the very best talent in the industry to join the dynamic business and be part of something truly unique.

Although the majority of Sixgill’s employees are based at the firm’s Israeli headquarters, the company does have a growing office in the United States. Which is why, growing forward, the plans are to continue to growing their team in all of their offices and to expand on their offerings. Ultimately, Sixgill continues to stand out in terms of being recognized as a leader in the industry – something they will continue to build upon in the years to come.

Contact: Laurie Ben-Haim

Address: Derech Menachem Begin 132, Azrieli Tower, Triangle Building, 42nd Floor, Tel Aviv, 6701101 , Israel

Telephone: +972527831911

Web Address:

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