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Personal and professional growth depends almost entirely on the skills learned and knowledge acquired. Too many organizations fail to encourage…

Font of All Knowledge

28th April 2020


Personal and professional growth depends almost entirely on the skills learned and knowledge acquired. Too many organizations fail to encourage this sort of development, especially when relating them to soft skills. CrossKnowledge is the solution, with the team winning Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence award for Most Outstanding Tailored Learning Management System, 2020. Having won this achievement, we look more closely at the company to find out more.

CrossKnowledge has twenty years of history behind it, and in that time has grown to be a global leader in the world of digital learning solutions. With 12 million users in 130 countries, CrossKnowledge has been key to the growth and success of thousands of companies. Its expansion has seen various phases, each allowing the company to become even stronger as an organization.

Corporate digital learning solutions have become part and parcel of the development landscape, but since the beginning, CrossKnowledge has focused on these skills with relation to soft skills. Learning depends heavily on the demands and requirements of the clients, and CrossKnowledge is able to provide a variety of different solutions to suit different situations, including CK Connect, CK Blend and CK Channel.

These end to end solutions are designed by the team, to understand the needs of their learners, targeting the learning objective and providing a way to implement it into a business swiftly and effectively. CrossKnowledge has the formidable ability to adapt to suit the company that it is serving, with each solution being tailored to meet the organization’s needs as well.
The team build each aspect of their solutions on expert opinions and scientific research in order to make sure that their work is suited to the task.

The origins of CrossKnowledge as a learning organization has been key to its growth, and reflects the way in which the team are continuously working towards satisfying customer requirements while incorporating technological innovations. Recently, the company has released its award-winning solution CK Blend, which is specifically designed to redefine structured training by bringing back the human interaction and social aspects of learning. The importance of engaging with all levels of the eco-system is clear to CrossKnowledge and is part of the reason that they have been such a success.

The result is, in fact, a partnership with businesses, providing ways to not only help an organization to reach the next level, but to grow indefinitely. This is one of the reasons why CrossKnowledge is able to count L’Oréal, Primark and Heineken as part of its impressive client list. These ties are nurtured by a team of committed Global Account Managers, each committed to finding ways forward that work for both businesses. Also ensuring the level of trust that is essential between learning partners is CrossKnowledge’s Client Success Team, working alongside companies to provide accountability.

Looking forward, the team have been continuing to develop new solutions to provide more ways of learning. Their newest platform, CK Connect, has recently been sent out to early adopters and will play a major part in the success of this new solution. At its heart, CK Connect is an integrated digital learning solution that helps learners discover and build the skills that personally matter to them.

With so many different ways in which to turn when it comes to learning new skills, it can be a challenge ensuring that all of the employees are committed to maintaining the incredibly high standards that have played a major part in the company’s success. This important aspect is handled at a recruitment and on-boarding stage, with any deviation dealt with and rectified immediately to avoid any negative reaction from CrossKnowledge clients.

CrossKnowledge is exceptional in several regards, but what is most impressive is its earned place as a trusted partner of organizations. The business is built around a commitment to helping employees acquire the skills they need to succeed, connecting with the entire workplace, delivering the most advanced integrated learning experience and measuring the learning outcomes so that success can be recorded. It’s this positive approach that encourages companies to play their trust, and their future, in the hands of this exceptional education supplier.

Contact: Emma Hinde

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