Forging the Modern Corporate Communications Network

Business people joining gears

Emboldened by a deeply ingrained commitment to being a cornerstone of modern business, eDiversa Group has made itself an integral part of document-share developments. With its user-intuitive platforms, its incredible staff, and its diligence regarding ensuring that its solutions seamlessly fit around each client’s needs and requirements, it has more than earned the title of the ‘Most Outstanding EDI Solutions Company’ for 2022. Additionally, it has created lasting relationships across all manner of scales and sectors with trust, respect, and honestly, bringing a personable aspect to an industry that can often lose the importance of people in amongst the data. 

EDI, known as electronic data interchange, is the business concept of trading documents in a standard scenario. It could be considered the forerunner of other forms of electronic document exchange that have taken on great importance in the business landscape, especially in the wake of the pandemic. eDiversa Group, with a strong background in electronic document exchange, is prepared to face this new reality that is so encouraging for the sector.

With a motto of ‘your documents are our universe’, eDiversa Group is both a group and a connected company that specialises in fostering better connections in the business world, from document sharing to other electronic solutions that will allow a client to thrive in the emerging new epoch.

With EDI solutions, electronic billing solutions, IBS services, SILICE, comeDiBuild, and even custom digital developments, it sets itself apart from its peers with custom rates tailored to a client and in-depth customer service. Fundamentally, right from the word go eDiversa Group will work with a client to draw out the details of their case, finding out how best it can help them by listening intently and fitting its solutions seamlessly around their existing infrastructure. In this manner, it makes itself a partner to their business that provides technology ‘at your service’, showing a client that remote technological solutions can be personable and friendly.

Taking great pride in bringing technological solutions close to the client, connecting them to the wider world and facilitating the forging of tighter bonds across industry verticals and sectors, its adaptable nature has gained it significant notoriety. Many clients that have worked with it in various capacities leave it glowing reviews as a direct result of this. This, of course, is not something that has occurred overnight; eDiversa Group has been working hard since its inception to gain pre-eminence in its industry for electronic document interchange, going from purely an EDI specialist 18 years ago to the influential and varied business it is today.

Nominally, its ability to provide the utmost value to clients through these services has made this possible, adapting to the requirements of any scenario and achieving the EDI supplier certification through hard work and grit. Its adaptability as a company can be seen developing during this time, resulting in the highly tailorable and flexible business that exists now, demonstrating in-depth knowledge of the different standards – nationally and internationally – as well as the different particularities of each sector in which these systems can be found.

It also required demonstrating an intrinsic understanding of how the technological infrastructure can act as an intermediary for document transaction, needing connectivity to other EDI operators to ensure interoperability between users regardless of geographical boundary and other such restrictions. Over time, eDiversa Group has achieved each of these things, growing and consolidating its pace as the ideal partner for tackling any standard EDI project regardless of sector, location, or customer profile. Therefore, a big part of its reputation nowadays is meeting the requirements of its market with a shrewd competence that goes hand in hand with having its finger on the pulse of any new developments, leading it to be able to grow and adapt quickly and efficiently as and when such a thing is necessary.

Additionally, as well as becoming one of the leading solutions for global electronic document transfer, exchange, and management, it must be considered that the solutions it provides have been emboldened by the efforts of different Spanish and European public administrations. Such organisations have been leading the charge for years now, encouraging digitisation and the improvement of businesses across the board. Thus, eDiversa Group is truly happy to see the fruits of its labour beginning to surface, pleased to say that this is something its clients can directly benefit from when they contract its services, contributing to the growth of its activity and presence in the market.

Present in all scenarios where EDI can be implemented, eDiversa Group offers its exemplary aid to all manner of industries. Currently, its clients can be found across sectors such as health, distribution and retail, logistics, the automotive industry, and more – becoming an intermediary between customers, suppliers, and logistics operators that facilitates an easier and more reliable way of working. This means that eDiversa Group can provide the necessary technological tools and infrastructure to ensure a healthy supply chain for a multitude of different corporate elements, becoming an integral partner for its clients as a result through its purchase orders, shipping notices, stock information, invoices, and much more.

In the coming years, it expects to see demand on its services increasing – especially amongst the clients who find themselves in need of a new way to exchange invoices in electronic format between buyers and suppliers – something it is excited to step up to the plate for. Indeed, when talking of these kinds of issuances, receipts, controls, and fulfilments, handling it through such watertight electronic means saves a customer all kinds of headaches. Able to ensure that its processes are being conducted with the utmost security and minimising human error as much as possible, it has tracked the pivot of many public treasuries towards such things, observing how steps are being taken to implement electronic invoicing between administrators and supplier across municipal bodies.

Therefore, a client can rest assured that eDiversa Group will be providing everything necessary to manage such solutions. Making itself a thoroughly attractive linchpin of modern business. Its electronic invoice platform allows the management of invoices in multiple formats, by any means, and through any channel, so its clients have a complete service through which to automate the process. Its clients can also interact with different Spanish tax administrators through the framework of electronic tax management. Services such as Immediate Supply of Information and SILICIE – immediate supply of accounting books for special taxes – are available through its comeDiTax platform, born from the ambition of providing a single environment for any service related to tax management.

Critically, the great deal of versatility and adaptability it has demonstrated ensures that it can customise its services with ease and elegance. Working alongside a client, taking into account all the details of their specific environments and requirements, its comeDiBuild platform provides a space through which they can cultivate relationships, whether they’re a company or supplier, each end of this communication can establish a beneficial outcome and a lifelong partnership. In the coming years, one of the objectives of this company is to incorporate other customisable elements into itself, especially focusing on those that would provide specific solutions to other sectors or groups in an outstanding example of ‘show don’t tell’. In short, it will be showing how its dedication to its clients, their requirements, and businesses of all kinds is more than just theory, it is something eDiversa Group is willing to funnel significant time and effort into. In time, it hopes that it will be able to develop and implement fully customised solutions to automate the specific needs of any company regarding its relationship with customers and suppliers.

Having recently added customised digital design to its portfolio, thanks to the recent acquisition of Oma Technologies, the company has been able to get a step closer to this goal. Omatech boasts three independent teams, each with almost 20 years of experience, and handling everything from design development to management of digital projects and more, giving eDiversa Group the necessary muscle it needed to get ahead with its own internal product development. Leading any specific digital development for any company or need, it has made its name from the very beginning upon the basis of providing its services and relationships within the crucible of friendly and charismatic customer service that will always go above and beyond for a client.

Thus, this is a major factor influencing its current unstoppable growth, setting it on a trajectory to increased presence through exemplary client service alone. Aiding this is the continually glowing reviews and testimonials left by its clients, words those prospective clients can trust – especially given most of them have been written by trusted peers and contemporaries working within their sectors. Furthermore, operating in an industry of primarily powerful solvent companies, it positions itself as a multinational group with a close-relationship attitude, absolutely focused on the client in question and their corporate health.

This is showing its industry a new way of doing things that has become widely lauded as fresh and disruptive, something further emboldened by its prices. Critically, eDiversa Group takes pride in being able to offer its services at affordable prices that contain no hidden fees, taking close personal care of each of its 2000 clients with its 80 outstanding professionals and in-depth, well-built infrastructure. Whatever the size or sector of the invoice issuer or receiver, it has ensured that any company could benefit from its well-designed and user intuitive platforms, its marketing and communications bringing in more than 30% of turnover as it consistently focuses on outreach and ingratiating itself with the front-runners of modern business.

Pioneering the ‘flat rate’ concept in EDI, it has been showing its commitment to simple, satisfactory, and plainly beneficial services; in short, if a client cannot immediately see the benefit, eDiversa Group will not offer it. It trusts the professional diligence and prowess of each of its customers and considers itself incredibly lucky to be able to work with such a diverse swathe of innovators, movers, and shakers. Each member of its team ensures that eDiversa Group can put its best foot forward in every case.

The foundations of tenacity, diligence, and going above and beyond for a client remain core pillars to this day. Moreover, they understand the needs of each and every customer, working with empathy and understanding to be able to draw out the core needs of its clients and find the best possible solutions, achieving customer satisfaction being their primary objective. Using teleworking, it has developed a great team since its inception – one that has maintained its excellence throughout the pandemic – through work-life balance, healthy working relationships, good wages, and significant opportunities for career growth. In this manner, eDiversa Group promotes an attitude of growth and aspiration amongst its staff just as much as it provokes this amongst its wider market segment, resulting in a team of driven, ambitious people who are undaunted by a challenge and have the support around them to provide their best work.

Additionally, eDiversa Group has been working hard to maximise diversity and inclusion. Championing the incorporation of many different perspectives, cultures, and ideas within its ranks, it respects all thoughts that its staff bring to the table, acknowledging the lenses through which they see the world as intrinsically valuable. After all, this is a big part of being able to work with such incredible levels of empathy. Consolidating its own growth process and being fully prepared to meet the needs of its clients that will no doubt arise in the future, it looks forward to helping foster a healthy future of EDI within the crucible of change the past 18 months has created. As a technological cornerstone and an international communications expert, it promises its clients that they can expect its innovation, tenacity, and excellence will only be growing as it moves into the future, and it looks forward to helping them step up to answer the call of any challenges this may present.

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