Get Your HR Business Up And Running With Some Great Advice For Start-Ups

HR company start-up

Now technology has become such an integral part of the business, especially with many companies and start-ups moving to a more remote online space.

Due to the pandemic, many people have lost their jobs and have found hope in creating their own opportunities by starting their own businesses.

Human Resources (HR) has become an increasingly demanding industry to be in as changes and new developments come with a need for human resources within these virtual spaces.

Offering this service on a consultancy base is the way to go as more and more businesses are looking to outsource staff. To help them in areas such as recruitment and training.

Here are some tips on how to start your own hr business.


Why do clients want to work with HR start-ups?

Companies are looking for ways to maximise workflow without having to expand. Expanding means committing to long term decisions that may not benefit the company. Like developing an in house human resources department.

Companies want to have the luxury of having access to a large number of human resources consultants instead of only hiring one or two for their in house department. Keep this in mind as you embark on this journey. You are almost guaranteed clients, as your business is beneficial to their business.

Take on what you can, as you are starting out it is best to keep it small. Find businesses that can match the amount of work you can handle. Thinking too big in this instance may be detrimental to your business.

Approach small businesses just like yours as these are the types of businesses you can grow with.

Overall it is imperative that you do the necessary research within your niche market. Find out what businesses are looking for and be prepared to adapt to that.


Know your market

Understanding what clients want is going to put you above the rest. If you can speak to their needs within their business you will be the ones they choose to work with.

You already have the know-how on how to deal with the human resources situations, in this phase you want to speak to their business and why it will be in their best interest to work with you.

As HR is majority about recruitment, payroll, planning, and strategy. Understand what their needs are in terms of these aspects. Do your research on how they handle situations around these aspects. This will allow you to strategise your strengths and expertise to speak to their needs.

Show that you will create an impactful client experience and that you are exactly what they need to grow.


Be authentic

Your business is ultimately an extension of you. Trying to impress a client by using fancy business words or trying to sell them a working agreement that is not true to you is not going to impress any potential client.

Stick to what you know and play on your strengths. Every client is going to want to work with a human resources firm that is straightforward.

These businesses are looking for someone who they can trust to solve their problems not someone who is trying to impress them with big corporate strategies.


Build a network

Building a network while you are in the process of starting your business is imperative to reaching potential clients.

You are going to want to reach out to everyone you know, while also creating an online presence. As this has become the way in which businesses are finding other businesses to work with.

Reach out to others in the field of human resources as they may be able to refer you to clients that fit in your niche.


Stay motivated to be successful

Starting a business is not an easy task so it is important to stay positive and motivated throughout. There are going to be moments of uncertainty that may become overwhelming.

However, it is important to understand that success is not an easy achievement nor is it going to be attained overnight.

Success is going to take time, money and energy. Looking after yourself is going to ensure that your business is looked after.

Allowing yourself to make mistakes is part of success and being open and honest with your clients about it creates an impactful and transparent client relationship.

This above all else should be what makes you stand out from the rest.



Human resources are easily becoming the most in-demand industry these days. So you want to be prepared to hit the ground running as soon you launch your business.

These start-up tips will help you to get there.