Global Greatness for Leading Coaches

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Building a global coaching network is no easy thing, and yet it has born enormous fruit and success for the team at Global Coach Group since it was first founded. Today, the firm has two main business lines and has achieved the title of Best Global Leadership Coach Training Provider – 2021 in the latest issue of Corporate Vision Magazine. To find out more about the firm’s business and how it has become the best global leadership coach training provider this year, we profiled the company.

Serving multinational companies, organizations, and individuals alike, Global Coach Group offers leadership coaching services that bring the skills and techniques necessary to be the best leader you can possibly be. For individual leaders, the firm helps them with their personal growth into becoming a better leader and supporting them in improving their professional performance through making more of an impact as a leader within their organization.

The firm serves coaches with training and certification in International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited leadership coaching certification programs. As a truly global leadership coaching organization, Global Coach Group integrates its coaching with innovative technology services for an increasingly digital and modern world. The changes in technology over the last few years have not only changed coaching, leadership development, and organizational learning but it has also changed how professionals lead and interact with their teams and co-workers. 

At Global Coach Group, the firm enables professionals to lead for good in the era of digitalization. The coaching provided gives companies and organizations clear visibility over what and how much their leaders are improving along with a clear coaching ROI, and the certifications provide coaches with all the training, coaching resources, tools, and technologies they need to support leaders in reaching their next level of professional performance.

With experience in a wide range of industries and organizational levels across the world, Global Coach Group’s global network of 3,500+ certified coaches skillfully apply the firm’s highly effective, yet bespoke coaching process, across many languages, geographies, and cultures. With a staggering 95% success rate, global CEOs down to high potential leaders have reached their next levels of their leadership in today’s volatile and uncertain world with the support of Global Coach Group coaches. In particular, the work of the leadership coaching certification business that the firm provides is the award-winning aspect that helps coaches to support individuals and organizations alike navigate the uncertainty of the world as it is today. Global Coach Group provides leadership coaching services to multinational companies, organizations, and individuals through its certified coaches. 

Once a coach is fully trained and certified with Global Coach Group, they are eligible to coach leaders on the firm’s digital coaching platform. This is a win-win scenario for all sides. For leaders and organizations, this guarantees consistent quality that comes with all coaches being trained and certified in-house in a coaching process that guarantees measurable results. And for coaches, they are given the opportunity to deliver life-changing coaching to transform good leaders into great leaders.

There are several unique value propositions for coaches that want to be a part of what Global Coach Group is building, and they are Best Coaches, Best Coaching, and Best Results. With Global Coach Group’s Coach Certifications, coaches are a part of an elite network of coaches that deliver guaranteed success with the proven coaching process, focus more of their time on coaching itself due to the firm’s own innovative platform, and coach more leaders by coaching the firm’s multinational clients along with their own personal clients. This is what separates the firm’s Coach Certification Programs from other coach training and certifications out there, and the idea of Best Coaches, Best Coaching, and Best Results is attractive for so many reasons to so many people. For instance, take the Best Results element of the certifications. 

Coaches implement a proven yet bespoke process that addresses the specific challenges & individual needs of leaders. Plus, with exclusive use of the firm’s digital coaching platform coaches are able to maximize their reach and coach leaders around the world. Wherever, whenever. In tandem, the coaching process delivered on the coaching platform gives leaders and organizations alike insights and measurable outcomes to celebrate their success. All certified Global Leadership Coaches get exclusive access to the firm’s innovative coaching platform. The platform streamlines the entire coaching process by removing nearly all time-consuming work before and after coaching sessions for both the coach and the leader. 

By removing this time-consuming work, more time can be spent with the coach focusing on doing what they do best: coaching leaders to maximise their potential. At the end of the day, coaching clients look for one thing, and that’s measurable results. Global Coach Group’s proven process has consistently delivered measurable results for leaders and organizations worldwide, with 95% of leaders who have been coached through the firm’s processes reporting measurable growth as perceived by those around them. More impact is felt by leaders, organizations, and companies around the world, and in collaboration with more time coaching and coaching more leaders, makes for a powerful combination.

Everything that Global Coach Group does is focused on people, whether they be the leaders and organizations that benefit from growth and improved performance or the coaches that the firm is training and certifying. The firm operates with an ethos of Lead for Good, a mission that is formed from a passion for changing the world of leadership. Global Coach Group practices what it preaches, offering a coaching culture within the organization that supports employees to learn new skills and become greater assets to the future of leadership. By building people up to reach their full potential, the Lead for Good mission that Global Coach Group is on certainly delivers success in big ways for its staff and its clients alike. All employees share this vision for themselves, being Good for People, Good for Progress, and Good for Permanence, which is a key part of Lead for Good.

However, for all the success that Global Coach Group has experienced over the last few years, there have also been challenges. In particular, the most recent and prevalent challenge has come in the form of COVID-19, and the worldwide pandemic status of the virus. When COVID-19 struck, the firm could immediately sense that the world had changed. It was certain that this change would sweep across its industry like a wildfire, and it certainly did, especially when the firm saw the way that coaching delivery had been changed forever. Global Coach Group realised that if it wanted to support leaders to thrive, not simply survive, then it would need to change the way coaching was delivered. In other words, embrace the fact that digital is the new normal, especially given that much of the world was working remotely due to COVID-19.

So, that is what Global Coach Group did; it changed the way it delivered coaching and made things better for a digital era. By combining its coaching methodology with innovative technology, coaches can now support leaders in times such as these, when they need to support the most. Instead of coaches being labelled non-essential visitors, the coaching technology assures coaches that they can continue to deliver value to leaders without being there in-person. This adaptation has positioned Global Coach Group perfectly to address the changing leadership development needs that Fortune500 clients and other multinationals have. These are changes that would have come eventually, and Global Coach Group can now look forward to an exciting future at the next level of coaching evolution.

Looking to the future, Global Coach Group has one, simple goal; to change the world of leadership, one leader at a time. This mission is supported by a network of certified coaches all over the world, who are committed to delivering life-changing coaching to leaders and organizations everywhere. With the potential for global scaling and further growth enabled by the firm’s innovative platform, there is plenty to admire here. Global Coach Group is an outstanding global leadership coaching organization, and one that has perfectly adapted to the needs of the modern world as it has been affected by COVID-19. It is fully deserving of this recognition, and there is sure to be more success on the way for the business.

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