Gold Standard of Data Leak Prevention

Laptop with a lock on it with username and password typed in

Founded by Silicon Valley computer and data security veterans, GhangorCloud offers the most powerful “best of the breed” industry recognised information security and compliance solution that enforces information security and DLP (data leak prevention) capabilities far and beyond any traditional solution. Designed and built by Cybersecurity industry veterans from McAfee, Symantec, and Cisco, to name a few, it has easily been named Best Cybersecurity & Compliance Platform – 2022 two years running.

Many data leak prevention solutions that are out there are ineffective in handling anything beyond the trivial cybercrime scenarios – But not GhangorCloud’s. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, GhangorCloud has truly made waves in the industry and it continues to, being recognised as one of the most pioneering data protection companies of its time. With the emergence of more and more dangerous cyberthreats daily, GhangorCloud is facing them head on. Its team of data loss prevention experts and value-added distributors take each client’s unique data security needs on board and work with them to understand their requirements and priorities in order to tailor the solution.

The company’s Information Security Enforcer™ product is a robust 4th generation data leak and exfiltration prevention (DLEP) cybersecurity solution, and the gold standard in terms of quality and efficiency. Incorporating segmentation of duty principles and granular access control, the technology creates an effective barrier against Cyber attacks . Alongside this  are the ground-breaking patented technologies which focus on areas of auto-identification and auto-classification when it comes to data, as well as auto-policy synthesis, auto-access control, and auto-GRC enforcement. This all draws from deep artificial intelligence and a  System-Theoretic paradigm with a multi-pronged approach.

“For more than two decades, data leaks have been an elusive problem. Today, it is the most serious data security issue. GhangorCloud’s DLEP solution addresses this problem comprehensively.”

Tarique Mustafa, Founder and CEO of GhangorCloud

The company’s cybersecurity solution is currently being used across multiple industry verticals including financial institutions, banking, hi-tech, healthcare, governmental organisations, and national security agencies. Indeed, it has earned trust and credibility across the board with a solution that solves clients’ problems effectively and systematically. And it only intends to continue doing this while seeking to further enhance its leadership position within the market, constantly addressing new cybersecurity attack vectors as they emerge and keeping a finger on the pulse of developments in Cyberattacks and Cyberdefence. This is increasingly important in a world where cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated by the hour.

Its roster of clients currently consists of a variety of Fortune-500 level customers, many of which are reached using direct sales and channel partnerships strategies. GhangorCloud has built an incredibly hardy channel partnership programme that allows it to reach such business connections, with these currently making up a vast network of value-added resellers and distributors all over the globe. Fundamentally, this has helped the company to thrive in an industry that is constantly developing, and it has found a way to stand above the competition with the provision of stellar protection against complex attacks on critical data, having discovered the limitations of existing software and innovating ways around them.

In addition, GhangorCloud has created several advances that have resulted in critical patents for classical AI and complex system theory. This has informed its internal culture of problem solving in a holistic, supportive, encouraging environment that champions professional excellence and integrity, searching for these as priority when it comes to new hires. The team’s dedication was pivotal during the covid-19 pandemic, as threats and difficulties emerged with the rise of the remote work paradigm. However, the pandemic thusly prompted businesses to take cyberthreats more seriously, and GhangorCloud witnessed an increased demand for its product and services, stepping up to the plate to provide for this ever-growing market.

GhangorCloud has truly made its mark within the industry, with notable individuals sharing their feedback on their experience of working with the company. Tim Mather, ex-CISO for Symantec, Apogee, and Cadence, comments, “GhangorCloud’s ability to auto-classify data and information without any dependence on end users or employees is a significant breakthrough for data security.”

Mike Gabriel, ex-director for NTT Com Security says, “GhangorCloud’s 4th generation DLP solution is a paradigm shift compared to the traditional DLP solutions.”

Ultimately, it is clear to see how GhangorCloud has maintained the title of Best Cybersecurity & Compliance Platform, being a true leader within the industry. By following a clear roadmap, it is constantly adapting its data security solutions to tackle the ever-changing world of cybercrime and stay ahead of the game in terms of the evolving nature of communication and computation infrastructure. We are truly rooting for the company as it continues to blaze the cybersecurity trail. 

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