How a Remarkable Shopfront can Uplift your Business

Shipping container used as a cafe with seating outside

Customers are constantly looking for the next best thing. This can be a new gadget, fashion statement, or shopping experience. To excite your customers, small business owners should consider the benefits of atypical shopfronts. So, you can ditch traditional bricks-and-mortar for uniquely wonderful alternatives.

This article will explore three unique shopfronts. From shipping containers to grounded aeroplanes, the nation is full of exciting experiences for customers.


The shipping container trend

Shipping containers have taken the world by storm. Throughout the UK, businesses are adapting their shopfronts to be more environmentally conscious and aesthetically exciting. This also applies to office space, as a new development is underway in Cardiff’s city centre. Here are three examples of businesses being part of the shipping container trend.


Stow-Away Hotel in London, England

London is home to a storage container hotel and apartment block. The whole structure of Stow-Away is comprised of metal storage containers. White and stylish, this architectural wonder is enough to make pedestrians look twice. Despite the cold exterior, the inside is filled with luxurious beds and other comforts. After all, swapping traditional bricks doesn’t equate to a lack of style or customer experience.


STACK in Newcastle, England

The North of England is also full of alternative hospitality venues. STACK is a collection of restaurants and bars in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne. From Thai cuisine to tasty cocktails, customers are welcome to listen to live music and spend time in the open-air courtyard. If you’re considering creating an event space similar to this, your business should consider the benefits of tower light hire. That way, your guests can continue the party through the late evening and early hours of the morning.


Porters’ lodge in Cambridge, England

The shipping container trend transcends the hospitality sector. Businesses and establishments around the nation are beginning to see the benefits of alternative shopfronts, including the University of Cambridge. Hughes Hall porters’ lodge is comprised of a single shipping container. A space-saving solution, this is used as both a reception and a pigeonhole for students. No doubt the first of many, should we expect to see more spring up around the campus in the South of England?


A canal boat full of sweet treats

In addition to shipping containers, a canal boat full of sweets is changing the game for weird and wonderful shopfronts. The business, named Pendle Witch Sweets, travels between Rodley and Pendle in Leeds, England. This is a great way to create a mobile business, attracting customers from around the country with its old-fashioned sweet treats supplied in an unconventional manner.


Hospitality on an aeroplane

If you thought it couldn’t get any more wacky than a punt-load of sweets, we’re here to tell you about Stakes on a Plane. You might not be flying through the air, but it’s the closest thing to a flying restaurant in England. The Stakeout offers customers a unique dining experience, eating in a grounded aeroplane. With food times as low as 15 minutes, who wouldn’t want to dine in this unique setting?


These are three weird and wonderful shopfronts in the UK. Whether you’re a fellow sweet-treat enthusiast or a clothing retailer, creating a shop that strays outside the norms of traditional bricks-and-mortar can attract more customers. Regardless, it will definitely be a fun place to spend the working day. Which idea do you enjoy the most?