How Hiring a Virtual CIO Can Elevate Your Business to the Next Level


Today, Information Technology (IT) forms an integral part of any business enterprise. This is important because it helps build and grow e-commerce. So, without IT, businesses would have difficulties establishing themselves online. 

Besides, IT allows owners to promote their business, thus increasing productivity and sales. However, this works best by outsourcing business IT functions. That is where a virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO) comes in.  


What Is a Business CIO?

A virtual CIO is a person or a firm that could handle all your business IT functions flexibly. In other words, such firms utilize modern technologies and the internet to connect with you and serve your business virtually.  

That said, the main role of a virtual CIO is to develop IT goals and manage your business computing system or infrastructure. So, rather than working with an in-house information technology team, the best deal could be to utilize a virtual business CIO. For instance, if you’re looking to work with a business virtual CIO in Canada, you can always find one in an IT company in Toronto


Why Work With a Virtual CIO? 

Just like outsourcing any other business function, working with a virtual CIO is one of the best decisions you can make in the modern world. This is because, apart from identifying and solving your IT-related issues, working with them can prove the following benefits. 


1. Minimizes Your Costs 

One of the major benefits of working with a virtual CIO is that they can help reduce your overall business costs. One of these is the labor cost.  

Note that labor cost is one of the biggest expenses that can have a major impact on your business profitability. This is because, in most cases, you must compensate your employees’ monthly salaries and bonuses regardless of their output. So, whether they produced maximum or least output within a specific month, you must pay them. You can avoid this by outsourcing your information technology functions. 

Outsourcing your business IT functions involves working with a virtual CIO on a seasonal basis. In other words, you only hire them when you need their services. Instead of working with an in-house team and paying them huge salaries, you could work with a virtual CIO and minimize your labor costs. This is possible because a virtual CIO is usually paid a service fee. Thus, they get paid only for the services they’ve rendered. 

Apart from that, IT companies utilize their infrastructure to attend to your business. So, you won’t spend any coin to purchase the necessary equipment. This also helps minimize your business costs, thus boosting your profitability.  


2. Get Expert Advice 

Getting expert advice is another reason you should consider working with a virtual business CIO. This is possible because most of them are trained and qualified to offer IT-related services. 

Also, they’ve got the relevant skills to handle your business. In other words, a virtual business CIO can advise on how to improve or make adjustments to your computing system or IT infrastructure at large. This is important because when your business expands, it requires the adoption of new information technologies and trends. You may want to work with a virtual CIO. if you want to adequately utilize new technologies, grow your business, and beat the market competition.  


3. Promote Your Data Security 

Data security is one of the major concerns in the modern digital world. Hackers and other unauthorized users can utilize the internet to steal company’s data and other critical information. You could avoid this by working with a virtual business CIO.  

As mentioned earlier, a virtual business CIO is responsible for developing the business IT objectives and infrastructure of your company. Therefore, it’s their responsibility to ensure your IT system is working and free from any security threat.  

Besides, a virtual business CIO works with various firms, thus allowing them to expand their knowledge about online security issues. This allows them to utilize the right tools to protect your business against hackers and other unauthorized users. If you want to protect your company against cybersecurity attacks, be sure to work with a virtual CIO. 


4. Focus on Other Business Operations 

In any business environment, you’ve got many matters to address. For instance, you might be participating in employee recruitment, attending business meetings or workshops, and much more.  Various tasks could leave your IT infrastructure without anyone to manage it

A business CIO will take care of your computing system, thus allowing you more time to address other critical business matters.  Besides, working with a virtual business CIO allows you peace of mind. This is possible because you’re certain that your IT infrastructure is well-maintained and updated. Therefore, you won’t be worried about any system failure or breakdown.  


5. Round-the-Clock Services 

If you want to keep watch over your computing system throughout the day, then the best deal could be to work with a virtual business CIO. Note that in-house information technology can’t provide their services 24/7. This is because they could get tired after working for long hours.  

Besides, an in-house team needs to take days off at some point in time. Thus, they can’t provide consistent information technology services to your business.  

On the other hand, most IT firms have competent virtual CIO experts who could provide continuous services. This is possible because they work on shifts to ensure their clients are satisfied. For that reason, some virtual business CIOs work during the day while others at night. So, you won’t be worried about your information technology infrastructure even during non-working hours.  



Any business that wants to remain relevant and competitive should utilize information technology. It allows them to increase efficiency, production, and sales. However, to achieve this, the best deal is to utilize a virtual business CIO.   

As you’ve seen above, there are several benefits of working with a virtual business CIO. These include a reduction in business costs, getting expert advice, promoting your data security, providing 24/7 services, and focusing on other key business operations.