How Text Messaging Can Enhance Your Business Communication

How Text Messaging Can Enhance Your Business Communication

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If you think text messaging is a marketing tool that belongs to the past, you need to think again.

There are numerous benefits of using texts for communicating with your leads, customers, and in-house teams.

Let’s take a closer look at precisely how text messaging can enhance your business communication.

Text Messaging Is One of the Best Marketing Methods

Even though many companies place more focus on emails for marketing these days, text messages can actually be a much more effective way of communicating with leads and customers.

In fact, many studies have shown that marketing emails only have a 15% to 22% chance of being opened and read, often because they’re mistaken for spam and fail to reach people’s inboxes, whereas studies show text messages used for marketing have a very high open rate, of around 98%.

The reason is most people carry their smartphones with them and always check their phones whenever they hear the sound or feel the vibration of a new text being received. That means texts aren’t only opened more than emails. They’re also opened quicker.

So, text messaging can be a great tool for marketing, especially when you’re promoting time-limited offers. And the good news is, there are several ways to send a text message from a computer, so you can easily set up a system for text marketing.

Text Messaging Enables You to Get Immediate Responses

Following on from the last point, studies show that it takes people just 90 seconds on average to respond to a text message.

On the other hand, studies show it takes an average of 90 minutes for people to respond to emails. So, not only are texts opened quicker than emails. You can also get responses much quicker.

While not all of your marketing texts may need responses, many texts that your company sends to customers, leads, clients, and employees will require responses. You can get those responses much quicker when you use text messaging as your preferred communication method.

Text Messaging Enhances In-house Team Communication

Texting isn’t just for communicating with customers. It can also be used for in-house purposes.

With text messaging, you can plan events, set up meetings, and contact field staff easily. You’ll be able to send messages to multiple employees, keep a record of all the messages that are sent, and keep track of who has received your messages and responded.

Your teams will always have their phones with them. So, as with marketing, text messaging can be an effective communication tool for getting people to open and view important messages quickly.

In turn, all of your employees can enhance their communications.

Text Messaging Is a Great Tool for Providing Better Customer Support

Today’s customers want more and more options for communicating with customer support agents. The more accessible you make your customer support team, the easier you make it for your customers to get in touch and receive answers to their questions or quickly get issues fixed.

While you shouldn’t solely provide text messaging as a customer support communication method, when it’s used in addition to methods like email, telephone, and chatbots, text messaging can be an effective solution.

Customers particularly appreciate getting texts after they have spoken to a customer service agent about a problem when the texts update them about the status of their issue and inform them of when the problem is fixed.

Final Thoughts

It should now be clear just how much text messaging can enhance your business communications.

So, if you’re not yet using texts to communicate with your employees and customers, it’s about time you considered doing so.