How to Choose the Right Link Building Agency

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Outsourcing to link-building agencies is an excellent option for businesses that lack the in-house expertise and knowledge needed to implement relevant campaigns. However, choosing the right one isn’t always as simple as it sounds. After all, for every legitimate firm, there are always a few that practice Blackhat techniques like deception, ghosting, and spamming, to name a few. And you could end up getting the exact opposite of the desired outcome if you partner with one of them. Therefore, you must select a suitable link building agency like Ocere. In this guide, we’ll cover a few things that you’ll need to consider before you commit to a firm. If you want to know more, keep on reading.

1. Alignment

Alignment is one of the essential things you need to expect from the chosen agency. They need to align with the goals of the business. Only by defining and understanding your link-building objectives can they reach a favourable outcome. Moreover, they need to know your definition of success, specifically the metrics you’ll use like domain authority, social shares, and referral traffic. So, before anything else, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do the strategies of the agency make sense and can help your company achieve its goals?
  • Is the expected timeframe reasonable?
  • Are your objectives aligned with their methodologies?

2. Transparency

A reputable link-building company will always be transparent with its clients. After all, there are very few secrets when it comes to the strategies used in search engine optimisation or SEO. However, if they fail to respond to reasonable inquiries about their workflows or processes, it’s usually a sign that you should look for another agency. Additionally, you’ll want to walk away if they make unrealistic and exaggerated claims about their services. This is because they’re either using questionable practices or are not as good as they make themselves appear to be.

3. Roadmap 

Once an agency has a good idea of your goals for the business, they’ll create a roadmap that will indicate how they plan to meet your expectations. However, if they take too long to respond or can’t give you an answer at all, it could be a warning sign. When you get right down to it, how will you achieve the desired outcome if they can’t map out the process for you? In these cases, it’s usually a good idea to seek out other options.

4. Price

Cost matters in the procurement of any goods or services, and link-building isn’t an exception. No matter how good an agency is, if it’s going to cost you a small fortune to gain access to their expertise, you won’t see any returns on your investment. One way to get around this challenge is to collect a few options and compare each one’s services and fees against the other. In this way, you’ll find one that won’t just fit your needs but also your budget.

5. Reviews

These days, many turn to online reviews for any products and services they need. They’re a better source of objective insight than the companies behind them when all’s said and done. If you want to find a credible agency, you’ll want to do the same thing and look for feedback and testimonials from past and present clients of the chosen companies. Reading through customer experience might appear to be a tedious endeavour. But doing so can give you what you need to make a better-informed decision and, in turn, help you avoid choosing the wrong companies while knowing where the right ones are.

6. Turnover

Few people realise the difficulty of building links, especially with an unmotivated and disengaged staff. If the agency has a high turnover rate, it poses a problem to its operations and clients. In addition, they won’t likely be able to deliver results if they’re unable to maintain positive internal relationships amongst their teams. So ,make sure that you keep this in mind before committing to any firm.


Selecting a company for your link-building needs might be a tricky affair, but it isn’t difficult. By considering the abovementioned factors, you’ll be able to choose one that can generate the links your company needs to establish awareness of its brand, maintain authority, and generate leads and conversions.