How To Help Co-Workers Adapt to New Technology in The Workplace

In our modern business world, it is no longer unique to be ‘tech-savvy’; it is a universal requirement for all employees. Especially since the pandemic forced the business world to think outside the box to complete their day-to-day operations, employees are still expected to adjust to new technological changes, even after returning to a semblance of normality. 

Whether this is by implementing telecommuting techs like Slack or Microsoft Teams or introducing a new system, at some point or another, modern-day employees will be asked to learn new technology. However, we understand that everyone embraces technology differently, which might affect how well they can adapt to the tech’s unique role in their job. 

This is where individual contributors, regardless of their position, can help their struggling co-workers adapt to the new tech in the workplace (even if they’re hybrid workers!). From walking them through complex technical processes using helpful tools to showing interest in the new tech, we outline several ways to help co-workers adapt to new tech below.

Walk Them Through Anything They’re Having Difficulty With 

Sometimes we’re proud creatures, and we’d rather sit and suffer in silence than admit to one of our colleagues that we’re struggling with wrapping our heads around something. However, if you see a colleague struggling with a new piece of tech, don’t be afraid to approach them and offer to walk them through whatever they’re having difficulty with. 

Sometimes it’s better to proactively offer help instead of believing your superior will provide support. Since they’re likely to be occupied with other tasks throughout the day, making it highly unlikely that they’ll be able to drop everything and help said employee with their issue. 

You can search for the solution online, walk them through it personally, or if you’re a hybrid worker, you could consider using helpful tools like screen sharing software to show them how to resolve the issue they’re experiencing. There are numerous screenshare solutions for your device that smoothly integrate with any software, offer quick technical support, and are easy to use. Pick up the one that meets your current needs the most and share the necessary info with your colleagues faster.

Play Around With The Tech 

Another way you can help co-workers adapt to new technology in the workplace is by leading by example and playing around with it before it becomes compulsory in your day-to-day work activities. If co-workers are anxious, frustrated, or worried about the new tech, you can help them ease their fears by watching you explore all the new features. For instance, suppose a new telecommuting application is being tailed, like Slack or Microsoft Teams. In this case, you could show your co-workers there’s nothing to worry about by showing them the different features, like adding GIFs to instant messaging, reacting to people’s messages, replying to a thread, and much more. 

Watching you play around with the tech (and have fun while doing so!) will inspire your colleagues to join in with the exploration, and before long, you’ll have found their way around it in far less time than it would have taken them to learn by themselves. 

Since you’ve been proactive in your attempts to master the new tech, you might be seen as an ‘expert’ which might be rewarded by your superiors. You might be promoted, and your new responsibilities might be offering training on this tech, ensuring that it’s working okay, troubleshooting any issues others might have – making it a win-win either way! 

Show An Interest In The New Tech 

According to recent studies, over 30% of people aged fifty-five and above would like to improve their tech skills; however, many lack the support from the organisation they’re employed by to make this dream a reality. Due to this, it’s essential that you show a proactive approach when new tech is implemented so that employers can see that you’re willing to learn and teach others who might struggle along the way how to adapt to new processes. 

As you can imagine, introducing new pieces of tech into your day-to-day work processes can be complicated to get used to at first and understandably cause much anxiety, leading to resistance towards the latest tech. 

However, you can be a leader among all your colleagues who might oppose the change by showing enthusiasm about learning new skills and eventually mastering the latest technology, which your employer will appreciate and might even reward your efforts. 

Show Kindness And Patience 

As we briefly touched upon in our introduction, everyone adapts to new technology in different ways and speeds. Someone might take to change immediately, whereas others might need to be shown how to do something several times before it becomes embedded into their brains. 

And although this might be annoying (trust us, we’ve all been there!), You must keep calm, listen to any queries they might have, and demonstrate patience when dealing with the latter co-workers. Doing so will ensure that they feel supported in their journey to working alongside this new tech and are much more likely to approach you for help in the future.