How to Improve Your Company Satisfaction Ratings

Five star rating and smiley faces on wooden blocks

Company satisfaction ratings are regularly used as a benchmark for how well employees are trained, how satisfied customers are, and how well employees are meeting those customers’ needs. Whether your company relies on agencies, surveys, or measurement tools, keeping track of your company satisfaction ratings is a reliable and effective way to improve the experience for both your employees and your customers.

Improving your customers’ satisfaction ratings requires a holistic approach; to deliver a high-quality end-product or service, you should adapt your business philosophy at the management level and apply it to all subsequent stages. In other words, it entails company-wide goals that you and your staff have the preparation to achieve.

During the shift to remote work, many companies are exploring new ways to engage their employees while making substantial changes to their operations, including virtual engagement programs or sending small gifts to their homes. Although challenging times may ask for novel approaches, there are certain strategies that remain central to the improvement of your company satisfaction ratings. 


Create a Strategic Plan

If you want to make consistent and direct efforts towards improving your company satisfaction ratings, you should create a comprehensive plan that contains your initiatives, milestones, and budget. As you measure and analyze your satisfaction ratings, you can continue to refine your strategy to focus more on improving your customers’ experience. 

There are a number of companies, such as Growthink, that can help you develop an adequate business plan with a proven track record in assisting businesses in different industries. You can take a look at their testimonials to see if there is a Growthink review that speaks to your goals and expectations.

Without a proper business plan and defined strategic objectives, it’s close to impossible to see if your initiatives actually serve to improve your business – and with that, your customer’s satisfaction. Figure out what you want to achieve, and you will be able to measure how you’re performing relative to that goal.


Make Employee Satisfaction a Priority

Simply put, if your employees are happy, they will be more willing and able to provide good customer service. Time and again, studies show that employees perform better when they feel appreciated, so placing focus on it is crucial for your company culture and results. 

There are numerous ways to acknowledge your employees’ contributions, including words, recognition programs, one-on-one consultations, or you can even consider these thank you gifts ideas by SnackNation to show them just how much you value their efforts.

You should also ensure you have the right tools in place that will allow your staff to do their job and communicate any shortcomings with you. Having employee satisfaction ratings is a vital part of your overall satisfaction formula, so having surveys, meetings, or regular check-ups is essential for better serving your customers.


Figure Out What Your Customers Want

Understanding what your customers need should be the focal point of your strategy. Knowing their preferences and interests will help you connect with personalized offers that will ultimately strengthen your relationship.

Often – and especially when companies are busy – customer issues become the focus and replace the customer as the central point. If you let your customers become anonymous by focusing on their problems only, you will likely fail at meeting their expectations and keeping their satisfaction levels high. For that reason, you should keep your focus on your customers – and not just their road bumps.

Here are a few points you should consider when servicing your customers:

  • What is the customer’s story?
  • What is their history with your company?
  • Have they had any prior issues leading to their current frustration?
  • What is the customer hoping to resolve by contacting you?


Study Your Customer Reviews

As today’s consumers are heavily dependent on the internet, many of them turn to online reviews when choosing to buy from a business. If you haven’t already, you should include some of these testimonials on your website, and take a close look at what customers are saying about your business

Although you will probably gain valuable insights from your customer support lines, reviews can often surprise you and introduce you to new areas of improvement that you hadn’t realized before. If you find out what people enjoy – and what they’d like to see improved – you will make more informed decisions and take swift action to resolve setbacks.

You should have an accessible place on your website where customers can either contact you about an issue, take a customer satisfaction survey, or leave a review. If unhappy – or even perfectly satisfied – customers have a way to contact you easily, your ratings will likely go up.



Improving your company satisfaction ratings is an ongoing process that requires a holistic approach. While there is no one solution to raising your customers’ satisfaction, there are several methods that will help you make that goal a priority.

Before you take any concrete actions, you should create a strategic plan that will clearly outline your initiatives and milestones. Second, you should make employee satisfaction a priority to ensure you have a staff that is dedicated to the success of your goals. Lastly, you should figure out what your customers want and study your customer reviews to ensure you are addressing the right pain points at the right time.