How to Improve Your Restaurant’s Kerb Appeal

Don’t underestimate just how important kerb appeal is for attracting customers into your restaurant. The more care and attention you give your establishment’s exterior, the more custom you will gain.

Get started by checking out the following great suggestions for improving your restaurant’s kerb appeal.

Make Your Sign Stand Out

If you want more people to notice your restaurant and entice more customers to set foot inside, having great signage that’s visible both day and night is essential.

Your main restaurant sign should be large enough so that people can see it from a distance. And it’s a good idea to use an LED sign, or use other lighting, so that it can be seen once the sun goes down.

Pay attention to the font, colours, and style of your sign too. Your branding should match your restaurant concept.

Advertise with Clear Stickers

While you don’t want to overload on signage, you can promote your restaurant more and engage potential customers by using clear window stickers.

By using custom clear stickers from StickerYou, for instance, you can highlight things like special promotions or the type of craft beer you offer, in addition to simply making your restaurant more colourful and attractive.

Also, remember to clean your windows regularly. When people get up close to look at signs on your windows, they will be more likely to enter your restaurant when they can see inside from the kerb. On the other hand, misty or dirty windows will be off-putting.

Place Menus Outside

Another tried and tested way of getting prospective customers into your restaurant is to place menus outside. You’ll get more people approaching your restaurant up close, and as long as you have a great menu, you’re sure to entice more customers into entering your establishment.

Perform Regular Maintenance

The cleaner, tidier, and respectful your restaurant looks on the exterior, the more customers you’ll attract. So, make sure you regularly perform maintenance.

Don’t let paint flake, clean up rubbish, remove obstacles, and so on. An untidy and unkempt exterior will put off potential customers but a well-maintained exterior will show prospective customers that you care.

Choose the Right Colour Scheme for Your Restaurant

You should pick a colour scheme for your restaurant’s exterior that matches your brand. Make sure hues are attractive, noticeable, and represent your restaurant’s cuisine and atmosphere well.

For example, if you run a lively Mexican restaurant, you could go with bright yellows and reds. On the other hand, if you own a high-end luxury restaurant, consider classy colours like silver and blue.

Play Music That Can Be Heard Outside

You don’t want to deafen passers-by, but enabling them to hear the music you play in your restaurant can increase your kerb appeal.

Choose the right type of music for the feel you want to give your restaurant and make sure people outside can hear it, and they’re more likely to go inside.

Add Greenery to the Exterior of Your Restaurant

Another simple way of improving your kerb appeal is to add some greenery around your door. A couple of hanging baskets of flowers, for instance, can really brighten up your place and make your restaurant feel fresh and colourful.

Offer Outdoor Dining

If your restaurant is in a location where you can add some tables and chairs outside, you can dramatically increase the number of diners who eat at your establishment.

Outdoor dining in the spring, summer, and autumn not only enables people to eat outside when it’s warm, thus giving you an advantage over your competitors. Outdoor dining is also a fantastic way of showcasing your food and your happy diners.

When passers-by can see and smell your delicious food, and see people enjoying themselves, they’re more likely to sit down at a table themselves.