How to Produce a Visually Stunning Video For Your Digital Marketing

Videos can be excellent choices for digital marketing. But whether you’re shooting a promotional video for a product, a behind-the-scenes peek at your business, or a short narrative-driven film, it’s crucial that your video is visually stunning.

The more attention you give your video’s aesthetic appeal, the more attention and engagement it will get from your target audience. But how do you go about producing a visually stunning video for digital marketing purposes? If you don’t know where to begin, check out the following helpful tips.

Use a Tripod to Avoid Shaky Footage

It may sound obvious, but you want to avoid shaky footage at all costs if you want your video to look highly professional and visually stunning. Shaky footage will make your footage look very amateur. So, set up your camera on a tripod, on a sturdy surface, to ensure the camera stays completely stable during the shoot.

Know How to Use Light Effectively

To create a visually stunning video for digital marketing, it is essential to know how to use light effectively. Natural light is often the best choice for creating a soft, pleasant look, so try to shoot during the morning or evening when the light is not as intense if you are filming in direct sunlight. When filming indoors, avoid overhead lighting, as this can create unflattering shadows on your subjects’ faces. When possible, opt for soft and natural lighting to make your video look its best.

Choose Your Background Carefully

If the subject is the main focal point of your promotional video, you need to ensure that the background isn’t distracting. It should suit the theme of your video well and complement the subject.

So, always carefully choose the background. Nothing looks less professional than a cluttered or distracting background. You could even utilise green screen technology so that you can easily add a background of your choice later.

For instance, you could use gorgeous stock video footage of the sea to add some oceanic flair to your video.

Indeed, you also have the option of adding stock video footage to your video in other ways, such as for cutaways, to make your digital marketing video highly professionally and aesthetically stunning.

Apply the Rule of Thirds to Create Professional Composition

For creating professional composition, it’s best to start by applying the Rule of Thirds. This involves visualising a three-by-three grid over your shot. The Rule of Thirds helps to balance the elements in the frame and adds visual interest. With practice, you can create a visually stunning video that will capture people’s attention.

Your subject should be placed along one of the grid lines, ideally where the lines intersect, as this will draw viewers’ eyes to the subject more, engaging them more with the content.

Once you have mastered the rule of thirds, you can look at other composition techniques, such as using the golden ratio for composing scenes.

Utilise a Good Video Editing Program

Just as important as using the right techniques when shooting your video is to use a good video editing program for post-production. You can completely transform the visual appeal of your footage by using the tools and features that the best video editing programs have to offer.

For example, you can add scene transitions, change the aspect ratio, trim or crop footage, and add overlays and filters.

Shoot from a Variety of Angles

You should shoot lots of footage from a variety of angles so that you have plenty of potential shots to use during the editing stage.

Even if you don’t use the majority of additional footage that you shoot, it can be worthwhile shooting from a broad range of angles to find those one or two shots that can elevate your finished digital marketing video and make it look more professional and visually stunning.

Summing Up

The more time you spend learning about making videos and preparing for your shoot, the more you can ensure you end up with a visually vibrant video that serves your digital marketing strategies well.

To recap, make sure you:

  • Use a Tripod to Avoid Shaky Footage.
  • Know How to Use Light Effectively.
  • Choose Your Background Carefully.
  • Apply the Rule of Thirds to Create Professional Composition.
  • Utilise a Good Video Editing Program.
  • Shoot from a Variety of Angles.