How to Take Your Interior Design Business to the Next Level

Interior design is a hugely rewarding career, offering you the satisfaction of seeing a job well done come to fruition and also basking in the reflective happiness of your clients.

If you’ve been working as your own boss for some time or have decided that it’s now the right moment to go it alone, here are some ways in which you can make yourself and your business stand out in a crowded market.

Have a digital presence and use it as a marketing tool

Interior design is a visual art, and therefore it is imperative that your website and social media channels show your talents off to potential new clients and partners.

Take the time to make them visually pleasing with a professional edge.

By adding your newest projects, designs and client testimonials to your website, you will show those who may be looking for your services that you are actively at work and capable of delivering the results they are looking for.

Make sure any photography you use is professional, and don’t forget to scour social media for trends and conversations that you can get involved in to boost your visibility.

Attend conferences, training sessions and gain new qualifications

Trade fairs, design conferences and the like are great places to pick up inspiration for future projects and might even help you meet people that you could collaborate with in the future.

You’re never too old or too successful to stop learning, either. For example, taking a course in one of the trades that you rely on to bring your designs to life may give you an added insight into the processes at hand and give you some insider knowledge to apply to your next project.

Networking, networking, networking

If you do attend conferences and other events, be sure to press the flesh and get your name (and your business’ brand) out there and in front of as many eyes as possible.

A great way to do this is by having professional business cards made which include vital information such as your name, your brand, any contact information, plus your website and social media handles.

Those who you introduce yourself to are much more likely to recall your conversation if they rediscover your business card and it could result in more business leads.

Hire an assistant or freelancer help

If business is really booming and you’re picking up more and more clients, it could put pressure on you to fulfil projects if you’re a sole trader.

Hiring an assistant, an apprentice or contracting a freelancer can lighten the load – and may even enable you to further expand and turbocharge revenues.