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Implementing Innovative Functionalities into Future Products

Michigan based firm, APiS North America has been providing outstanding customer service and support to IQ-Software users in North America…

Implementing Innovative Functionalities into Future Products

9th March 2020

APiS North America

Michigan based firm, APiS North America has been providing outstanding customer service and support to IQ-Software users in North America since 2016. Recently, the firm was recognized as one of the leading innovators providing functional safety software in the USA for 2020. Following this well-deserved recognition, we took a closer look at this unique business, discovering how the team at APiS North America goes the extra mile for each and every one of their clients.

As their name implies, APiS North America is the North American distributor for its parent company, APIS Informationstechnologien GmbH – the developer of the IQ-Software for performing robust risk assessments and optimization plans for products and processes. Just one of the methods included within the IQ-Software, the Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is a commonly utilized approach. The IQ-Software provides the single, model-based data set for companies’ quality and safety programs to maintain an organized best practice program.

APiS North America serves a vast number of North and South American users of the IQSoftware industry. They provide training for the software with deep knowledge of engineering best practices, so they have the ability to help their customers effectively and efficiently utilize the tool for its robust functionality. Alongside this, the training and support provided by the firm ensures a deep understanding, not only of the IQ-Software, but also of the industry standards and systems engineering approach needed for today’s complex systems.

A shared customer need becoming increasingly common and noticeable throughout all the industries APiS North America works with, is the ability to perform in-depth analyses thoroughly and efficiently. The team at APIS North America is well aware of this trend and work closely with companies to help build the best quality and safety analyses. To deliver on this important, and necessary, need for their clients and the industries they serve by applying lessons learned from years of engineering practice and Design for 6-Sigma (DFSS) analysis. In other words, they understand industries’ best practices in the activities required to create an excellent FMEA and how to present the analysis and reports to for management and customer reviews.

APiS North America proudly serves a broad span of industries, with an accumulated client base across systems engineering, automotive, aerospace, AI, 3-D printing, alternative-energy, medical device and healthcare sectors. Historically, these are the most prominent industries to report difficulty in capturing and representing data and lessonslearned in a synchronized and comprehensive manner.

The firm proudly offers a level of excellent service that can only be delivered with the support of a strong internal network. Enabling this calibre of service, is the experienced, passionate, hard-working, and innovative team which forms the backbone of APiS North America. The team serves a large territory, utilizing one another’s strengths to achieve the highest level of customer service that they do each year.

As a result of the personalized service the team delivers and the extensive industry insight the firm provides, APiS North America has overwhelmingly received high applause, year after year, from their client base. The team has been met with a notable amount of rave reviews, specifically highlighting how they go the extra mile to ensure that they not only meet clients’ expectations, but exceed them at every turn. The secret behind their remarkable success? The team at APiS North America believes their focus on customer service, industry best practices, quality and safety of products and processes. And they do this while focused on providing the best FMEA tool, the IQ-Software, training and consulting.

The team at APiS North America will continue to grow with their customers’ needs and challenges in the years to come. Not only will the firm continue expanding the business, the team’s focus will be on the education and growth of the IQ-Software for quality and safety systems across all industries. APiS North America is committed to achieving the highest standards for their customers!

Contact: Lynn Johnson, PharmD
Address: 938 N. Washington Avenue, Royal Oak, 48067, Michigan, USA Telephone: 800-470-8970
Email: [email protected]

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