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Impossible Things

When it comes to choosing a fiduciary services company that offers help across borders, it’s important to find one that…

Impossible Things

5th October 2020


When it comes to choosing a fiduciary services company that offers help across borders, it’s important to find one that is keen to say yes, instead of no. Achieving the impossible is key. At Fiduciana Trust (Cyprus) Limited, this belief stands at the heart of the team’s work, and has proven an excellent guiding force in all matters. With the team recognised in 2020’s Corporate Excellence Awards as Most Influential Leader in Fiduciary Services 2020 – Cyprus, we look to the company to find out more.

Based in Cyprus, the team at Fiduciana have built a reputation on being personal, friendly and able to solve any problem. A boutique in every respect, clients are sure to experience the benefit of the team’s considerable experience and enviable customer service. With trust at the core of any relationship, Fiduciana has ensured that each of its staff is trained to ensure that all matters remain strictly confidential and are handled in a professional way, particular to each case.

At Fiduciana, the art of Fiduciary services has been perfected to such a high degree that the team do not believe in impossible solutions. They have perfected the art, meaning that the small but skilled team is more than capable of tackling a range of different challenges. Made from a mix of chartered accountants, lawyers and paralegal administrators, the team at Fiduciana haven proven their dedication time and time again. They are available around the clock to ensure that each client receives the best service possible.

As with any boutique agency, client expectations are high indeed, but the team at Fiduciana always aim to exceed these. All clients are known on a first name basis, treated as an individual with individual concerns as opposed to a number with a simple, transferable solution. Even the most challenging of circumstances can easily be matched by the Fiduciana team, which is why so many high-profile clients continue to trust the business to perform their fiduciary services.

The benefits of turning to Fiduciana to receive the best possible assistance in terms of fiduciary services are numerous. As the international environment grows increasingly complex, specialists are required to deliver services of the highest standard. Through the firm’s impressive combination of legal, fiduciary and business experience, clients can rest safe in the knowledge that the Fiduciana team has their best interests at heart.

The range of services that Fiduciana is able to provide is a credit to the team’s tireless work-ethic. Through a heady combination of services such as corporate & services, banking services, accounting & financial management, tax & vat planning, substance solutions, domiciliation and representation services as well as a Cyprus investment program, there is very little that is not part of Fiduciana’s reach.

In an area such as corporate & services, Fiduciana’s considerable ability is what has granted the business the necessary expertise to work through the various jurisdictions, legislation and local corporate environments in which the firm operates. Businesses that are considering working alongside this organisation will be able to take advantage of Fiduciana’s ability to establish, maintain and support multinational structures, provide directorship, secretarial and registered office address and handle day to day corporate administration. This is not all that is on offer, with more sophisticated services including assistance in the establishment of internal compliance procedures, the ability to compile and submit KYC file and to ensure that corporate statutory is compliant with the local registries. Often, this work is applied to the formation of Cyprus International Trusts, with the Fiduciana team taking the time to truly understand the objectives and intentions behind its creation.

In terms of banking services, the team at Fiduciana are fully capable of handling any number of different challenges relating to the opening of personal and corporate bank accounts. With members of the team who have close connections with all major banks in Cyprus, as well as some of the biggest international banks, it’s possible for clients to benefit from the expertise that Fiduciana brings. The ability to hand off day-to-day operations of this sort to another organisation is just one the ways in which the firm is able to assist.

Looking ahead, the team at Fiduciana are already looking for new ways in which they can bring added value to their clients. Substance solutions are one of the key changing areas for the business at the moment, with the evolving concept of economic substance in tax planning. With the law constantly moving forward on the subject, and an international approach being taken to minimise the avoidance of tax that can arise in this area, it’s through firms like Fiduciana that companies and individuals can be totally sure that their paperwork is up to scratch.

Cyprus is the ideal location for this, with substance meaning that companies that are based there – meaning that substantive business operations are genuinely carried out in the country – are able to benefit from access to the Cyprus tax framework and to tax benefits arising from the Cyprus double tax treaty network. Ensuring this is the case is straightforward, with books and records kept in the Cyprus office, all financial and other transactions of the company prepared and kept in Cyprus and board meetings conducted in the country that discuss substantive issues relating to the management and control of the company.

Other ways in which Fiduciana is preparing for the future is in actively looking for new members of its team, including at associate level. Always looking to develop the international business network that has already been established, Fiduciana’s team has opened its doors to many different firms and individuals who believe in the way they operate. Working co-operatively as opposed to aggressively, this exciting way of working is typical to the firm’s forward-thinking approach.

The impossible is never impossible with the right team to work with, and few teams are finer than that at Fiduciana. Combining years of experience and some of the best minds in the profession, it’s no surprise that they have not only achieved incredible things for their clients, but that they have managed to make it into a fine art.

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