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Ingenious Innovation From docs24.

Digitalisation is happening, whether or not businesses and individuals like it. More and more elements of modern society are being…

Ingenious Innovation From docs24

20th May 2021

Brand management

Digitalisation is happening, whether or not businesses and individuals like it. More and more elements of modern society are being transformed into digital elements, and the business world is caught in that as well. Technology can help make the world of business a far better place than it is currently, with innovations able to save time, money, energy, and efficiency, to name but a few. One firm that is capitalising on this digitalisation is docs24 Ltd, which has also been crowned the Most Innovative Marketing & Brand Management Platform – 2021 in this issue of Corporate Vision Magazine. Discover more as we take a closer look at the firm’s work.

Founded and established back in 2013, docs24 has rapidly grown over the course of almost eight years to become the most agile marketing, business content, and brand management platform from which clients can have simple, efficient, tailored, and controlled management of their business content and brand like never before. In essence, what docs24 functions as is a gateway to smarter thinking, smarter organisation, and smarter everything. It is the most exceptionally well-developed marketing, business content, and brand asset management platform in the market today. Quite simply, it is here to help clients improve their levels of productivity, control and manage their company documents and brand with maximum efficiency and do everything with total ease and reliability. docs24 has always strived to unleash the power of its own team and cultivate a company culture that will help it fulfil its mission of providing exceptional and innovative products to others. Accompanying those products is technology that enables superior document capability and outstanding customer service.

Despite the impossible-to-miss focus on technology and innovation, there are also several key cultural beliefs and behaviours that have fed into what docs24 has become and how it now works. The firm puts client development first, learns from its mistakes, never assumes, treats others with respect and dignity, works hard, takes the lead, thinks globally, focuses and prioritises, works as a team, and perhaps most importantly, has fun along the way. These behaviours are underpinned by a series of five values that guide the decisions and actions that docs24 takes. These include service excellence, integrity, reliability, innovation, and open, honest, and respectful communication. Each serves a purpose in making docs24 the firm it is today, and one of the best businesses working in technology globally.

As a product, what docs24 offers is far more than simply outstanding technology, and it certainly goes beyond what others in the same space have to offer. More than anything, docs24 offers freedom and choice to its clients. As a brand and document management platform, docs24 enables its users to create, control, bespoke, manage, and distribute all of their brand assets and documents from one central online location. This level of freedom and flexibility ensures that workforces can be kept up to date with what is going on at any given time, regardless of where they are or what time it is. Collating and organising documents is just as important as actually having them, and the exceptional nature of this level of organisation cannot be overstated.

Of course, there are a number of other features that docs24 offers to its clients and users, one of which is a selection of personalised templates. A feature that is as beneficial as it sounds, the personalised templates come as part of a smart online document designer that boasts a variety of editing tools and controls to give even greater levels of flexibility and driving efficiency to the client. It also allows users to edit on the go, allowing them to edit and preview templates that have been specifically tailored and customised to a unique business and brand. Accessible through a browser on either a desktop or tablet device, there is plenty of scope here for flexibility, accessibility, and ease of use. Furthermore, this tool is also enabling reduced costs, creating brand consistency and returning much lost company time. With a template in hand, users can protect a brand from inconsistency across its marketing and communication channels by allowing teams to benefit from knowing exactly what to use, where it is located, and how it should be used.

Having a template that can be easily accessed also reduces the amount of unnecessary time spent on repetitive design tasks. Editable templates make things much easier, and clients can discover the joy of having up to ninety percent of design time reduced by editing templates directly in a browser. Beyond the design tools that docs24 has to offer, there is also a wealth of benefits seen in the seamlessness of the workflow that is perpetuated. Teams can be easily connected with one another, and everyone can therefore contribute to a project through a single, centralised portal. Through account permissions and administrators, certain individuals can take control and share the load amongst themselves. Documents requiring approval before publication and purchasing can also be made to require permission before doing so, ensuring that quality is also maintained across a brand, as well as consistency.

That consistency is important when considering the amount of media and communication channels that clients often have to be aware of when communicating with their end customers. Mediums of print, email, social media, SMS, and more are all so important to keep track of, and docs24 ensures that teams can streamline their marketing communications across multiple channels with total ease. They can create, launch, and track campaigns across all of those aforementioned mediums, and ensure that any given campaign maintains its brand consistency and accuracy like never before. Finally, marketing data is another outstanding element to the service that docs24 can deliver. It can empower users to find and attract new customers with ease, delivered in well-designed and easily managed communications.

Ultimately, the world of technology is moving faster with every passing day and there is no telling where it may be tomorrow. However, for businesses of today, using docs24’s outstanding platform is a sure-fire way to guarantee that they can stay on top of their own documents, communications, assets, and processes. This is innovation of the highest standard, and the future of docs24 is brighter than it has ever been before. For now, the firm is fully deserving of this success, and can look ahead to bigger and better things in the years to come.

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