Innovation in Headhunting

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Benjamin Douglas, ‘Florida’s Most Outstanding Recruitment Company’ for 2022, is a recruiting and headhunting company that focuses on delivering professionals and their expertise to bolster its clients’ ranks. Placing technological professionals where they’re most needed, its clients – ranging from start-up businesses to multi-national conglomerates – benefit from the wide rage of personalities, backgrounds, and specialities within its talent pool, able to recruit people who will secure the backbone of their business.

A talent recruitment agency that investigates all its candidates closely, Benjamin Douglas­ ensures it only ever works with the best of the best. Fundamentally, it works alongside its clients to find them the most knowledgeable and personable professionals for the roles in question, committed to building teams of people that work flawlessly together and are outstanding at their jobs. In this manner, it has grown on the back of glowing client reviews and referrals. Additionally, many of these clients stay with it for years after filling the initial role they wanted filled, with Benjamin Douglas­ and its own staff making themselves partners to the business in question.

For instance, Redzone has been working with Benjamin Douglas­ since 2016. From then to now, Benjamin Douglas­ has recruited 82 candidates to its team, each of whom have proven themselves consistently when it comes to executing their roles to the letter of the hiring brief. Its hires also recognise that filling a position within a company is so much more than just fitting themselves to a job role and its tasks. Benjamin Douglas­’ candidates also realise the importance of assimilating within the company proper, making themselves an integral part of its internal structure by embodying the company’s values.

This allows them to make themselves a cornerstone of any client’s team of staff. Moreover, all these factors have contributed to making it the fastest growing company in South Florida for 2019, an accolade that it has continued to prove over the subsequent years. Being based in Miami, it has given itself access to a wide range of industries, but its expertise has been developed to best fit the technology and sales verticals. Due to this specificity, it has thrived in its market and managed to secure a client base who trust is to find candidates in an oversaturated space, something it has proved its excellence in since its founding by developing a pool of the most exceptional candidates.

Having been in operation for over half a decade now, it has grown and developed a lot since its founding, for which it extends thanks to its staff and clients both. Between both groups, it has been able to adapt its processes and services to fit the requirements of the market and the challenges its customers face, gaining brand recognition through its reliable onboarding of candidates as well as its work in the community. Critically, this work has included co-operation with several large institutions.

These have included United Way, The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, Coral Gables Chamber and The Beacon Council, all of whom have recognised it for the outstanding partner it is. From start-up to FTSE 100, it can build out tech or sales teams from existing structures – or it can build them totally from scratch – but either way, it will implement cutting edge technology and proven head-hunting methods in order to do so. Critically, these methodologies have allowed it to remain head and shoulders above its peers, showing its clients that when it comes to looking for specialist sales and technological team members, they can always put their faith in its efforts.

The increased reliability it has gleaned from its standardised operations are instantly paid forward to the client, too. Whenever it adds an innovation or incorporates a new method that cuts more fat from the process of recruitment, the client is the first to feel the benefit, which has allowed it to ensure it remains staunchly competitive, drawing even more exceptional candidates to it. Additionally, its staunch dedication to personally vetting each candidate means that it has been bucking the pervasive industry trend of recruitment officers just being another voice down the phone. Instead, it prioritises getting to know each prospective candidate on a personal level, identifying their personal needs, goals, and requirements before matching them to the company that will best benefit from their help.

From application development to network development, infrastructure setup, database and business intelligence management, QA, testing, digital media, front end mobile developers, and project management, its vast array of professionals can cover all bases for a client. Thus, its candidates have become renowned as multi-talented and highly capable. Moreover, by supplying a client with an entirely built team of people like this, Benjamin Douglas­ can guarantee that they will operate with peak efficiency and allow the client to reach their goals quickly and effectively.

Alongside this, it can also offer it aid to clients in the form of clients who specialise in business analysis and enterprise sales. This ensures that the team can take a holistic approach to business, and with the addition of cloud sales specialists to its pool of talent, it has been able to become increasingly more of a linchpin of modern business. After all, with the continued prevalence of remote work, such access-anywhere business infrastructures have become more important than ever, and whether it’s a web developer or program director the team needs, it promises that each of them will have the relevant skillsets to fulfil the tasks at hand. Having placed its professionals in enterprises all over the world from the UK to Europe, Dubai, and North America, its account managers and sales development representatives are the best of the best. It looks forward to proving this to many more clients in the future, hoping to take its candidates, its customers, and corporate technology into the new age.

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