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Intelligent Investment.

Algorithm Invest is not trying to provide brokerage or financial services, nor is it a bank or financial institution of…

Intelligent Investment

5th January 2021

Algorithm Invest

Algorithm Invest is not trying to provide brokerage or financial services, nor is it a bank or financial institution of any sort. Instead, it is an IT company boasting sole ownership of the commercial rights of economist, computer scientist and engineer, Cristian Pauna’s mathematical algorithms, theServer and SuperCont, that are specifically designed for automated investment with high and proven returns. Using his ground-breaking algorithms, Algorithm Invest is able to provide software to individual or corporate investors looking to manage the capital in their own investment accounts. We dug a little deeper to find out more about this company which is transforming investment. 

Algorithm Invest is the producer and developer of automated capital software, theServer and SuperCont, business intelligence systems that are distributed as rentable software to other companies who can provide informatics services to final investors. Using advanced artificial intelligence procedures that have been built by Cristian Pauna, a celebrated engineer, economist, computer scientist and PHD candidate in Economy specialising in economical informatics, the software grows the capital in investors’ accounts.

With more than twenty years of sustained research activity, Pauna is not only the author of theServer artificial intelligence software system, but of several other original mathematical algorithms for capital investments too. Many of these have earned Pauna awards and accolades, such as The Low Risk Trading algorithm based on the price cyclicality function for capital markets, which won “Management and Marketing Award. Challenges for the Knowledge Society” at the 13th International Conference On Business Excellence organized by the Society for Business Excellence and Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, Romania. Alongside several award-winning papers, Pauna has also successfully introduced the notion of ‘limit conditions’ into the financial markets, a methodology designed to stay away from market risks and avoid trading in non-significant price movements.

Now, the Founder and Owner of Algorithm Invest, Pauna has built the company and all its divisions fairly, sharing profit equally and supporting all costs within the company itself. If an investor using Algorithm Invest software finds they have not recorded profit in their account, they will not be invoiced, as the sole purpose of the company is to help investors as they make profit. 

As the sole owner of the commercial rights to use Pauna’s mathematical algorithms, Algorithm Invest creates software that is the base of any informatics service distributed by companies to investors. After an investor opens a capital account with an independent and supervised brokerage company and deposits the working capital into his own account, theServer keeps the capital in the investors’ account at all time under the brokerage house management, but the investor has complete control of the money and capital exposure, which can be set between 20 and 50%, dependent on the capital amount.

Based on the data generated and stored by the brokerage company, the software will analyse the markets and generate IT signals that are then sent to the investor. The brokerage company will then transform these signals into actions if the investor accepts the recommendations of the IT software, which will then record and collect the profit in the investor’s account every day.

Any private or institutional investor can use the informatics service based on theServer and SuperCont software developed by Algorithm Invest. The minimal capital used by the system is 110k USD, Euro, or GBP plus the used risk. The capital exposure can be set by the investor at 10%, 20%, or 30% depending on his risk appetite and the profitability obtained in the last 36 months is at a minimum of 8% monthly in the investor’s account. The service cost is half of the realized profit, with no other fees, taxes, or charges. Indeed, Algorithm Invest’s faith in their systems has enabled them to invite anyone to test the service provided by their divisions for free. For those investors who are serious about looking for fair and modern investment opportunities, Algorithm Invest’s business club has been created for investors to establish partnerships with the company itself.

Being in complete control of their capital, investors can stop the service at any time through the online interface and all risk is managed by the investor through the SuperCont business intelligence system.

Investor control, however, is second only in importance to confidentiality and security for Algorithm Invest, assuring comfort for the investor during a multi-annual investment plan, whilst information security is guaranteed by the company’s specialised firewall. This security even applies to money that is being kept by an independent brokerage company as the confidentiality contracts that are provided by Algorithm Invest and all its divisions and representatives are designed to protect both the software and investors’ details. No matter how Algorithm Invest grows and develops, confidentiality will always be the priority.  

Through continuous improvement and development of algorithms, theServer has achieved outstanding performance in the last eleven years, producing continuous and repeatable profits in the accounts of investors. The software even withstood its hardest test in the form of the unprecedented market crash brought on by the outbreak of Covid-19. The company saw minimal profits of 5% during the crisis, yet none of Algorithm Invest’s investors lost any capital and some larger accounts even managed to maintain profitability, despite the sharp market decline. For Pauna, this has been his hardest test in the last twenty years and for him and his company to pull through so well is a testament to the excellence of his systems.

With the technical side of business successfully managed and developing, Pauna’s attention is now focused on building his marketing, sales and promotion departments. Thanks to his large team of certified experts in a diversity of fields from all sorts of cultures, backgrounds and age groups, Algorithm Invest is able to provide knowledgeable service to investors all over the world, whilst building the company itself to be of the highest possible standards.

As Algorithm Invest looks to further improve its service, Pauna and his team are looking to develop theServer automated capital investment software to increase profitability. Each day, new mining algorithms are added to the system so as to find more investment opportunities across seventeen international capital markets. Today, theServer is using over 2,000 data-mining algorithms to find market entries and another 454 data-mining algorithms to find optimal market exits. The whole system therefore currently makes 6.6 million instructions per second to complete the service. As Algorithm Invest continues to develop their offering to help investors grow their capital, there is no doubt we can continue to see these already remarkable figures continue to grow exponentially.

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