Is Content Marketing Right For Your Business?

Content Marketing

Finding the best way to market your business is an ongoing investigation. Trends for digital advertising, print advertising, content marketing, and networking tend to ebb and flow. 

Fortunately, whether you have an existing business or are just considering starting one, content marketing is something to consider.


Share Creative Ideas

If you are just starting a business, you want a low-cost avenue to share ideas, grow your brand, and build up a loyal client base. New business owners often have creative approaches and innovative content. 

When you’re just starting, you understand the hopes and dreams of your target audience. If you’re starting an e-commerce business, you know exactly what people are longing for: sleek design, easy access, and impeccable customer service top the list. 

If you’re starting a healthy catering service, you know that families and professionals are short on time – yet want to support healthy habits. You may know this from your own experience, or a deep dive into your target market. 

Whatever your business, you can leverage your insights to create valuable content that your target market is craving. 


Reveal Practical Solutions

Have you been in business for some time? If so, you know the pains and problems of your customers. You could probably write a guide of customer complaints and wishes, in your sleep. 

This is good and important because it provides a valid foundation for content marketing. You’re not just entering into a market. You have seeped in the hopes and fears of your target audience. You know what they care about, what they value, and what they are ready to purchase. 

With this kind of insight, you’re ahead of the curve for content marketing. You can use your direct experience to write expert articles and become an authority in your field. 

While you’re at it, you can increase your visibility and authority by getting a lot of people to see your articles. Post your articles on the popular blogging site Medium, a platform founded by some of Twitter’s founders and funded by such high-profile investors as  The Chernin Group (TCG). Medium has approximately 100 million active users; to help you spread the word about your products, services, and solutions.


Offer Hands-On Tips

Perhaps your business is serving a specific niche – such as luxury boat owners, horse owners, or craft beer makers. Maybe your audience loves to read personal interest stories, rags-to-riches tales, and hands-on tips from people who have gone beyond just dreaming of a specific business.

If you are a lover of storytelling, it’s easy to use content marketing to tell your story. Share the personal details of how you got started. Offer tips to help other people skip some of the sad and sorry pitfalls you encountered. Share consulting services for people who prefer to learn directly from a business mentor or consultant.

With a little creativity and a lot of life experience, you can connect the dots. You can use content marketing to share your story, expand your target market, and grow your business. 

Imagine what’s possible with a larger target audience learning about your business practices, following your tweets, forwarding your articles, and buying your services. Additionally, consider how you can cross-market products and services to expand your business offerings.


Look To Your Audience

Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur, a small business owner, or a niche-business owner, your audience is giving you clues. They are already telling you what they need, want, and are ready to purchase. 

If you don’t believe this is true, expand the scope of where you are looking. You’ll likely find answers in these three areas:


Pre-Purchase Questions

As you are considering content marketing, look for the major questions that people have before making a purchase. Examine the questions and find unique ways to offer answers, solutions, quizzes, and guides. 


Comments on Other Sites

Sometimes people are speaking – but it’s on other people’s sites. Check out the comments, customer queries, and customer complaints of your competitors. Often these will give you clues to what people are finding –and not finding. This can be a valuable source of insight into your target market.


In-Depth Interviews

Check with your current clients and prospects. Conduct in-depth interviews – either in person or virtually. Find out their big problems, needs, and concerns. Explore their hopes, dreams, and wishes. In a short time, you’ll have key insights to help shape your content marketing strategy. 


Wrap Up

With a clear target marketing strategy, it’s possible to share your ideas, connect with your target audience, and grow your business.