Is it practical to eat healthily whilst keeping busy at work?

healthy lunch

So many of us start the week with good intentions and a healthy, pre-prepared packed lunch, however, it’s all too easy to be tempted by the various sweet treats brought in by generous colleagues. Furthermore, In today’s society of instant gratification, it is sometimes very difficult to remain steadfast in the face of ubiquitous fast food outlets, expensive high-street coffee shops and grab-and-go snacks. No matter if you work for a high flying tech company or a property buying company, there are numerous ways in which you can maintain a healthy diet at work.


Seven ways to eat healthily at work

Consider breakfast

There’s a reason why doctors describe breakfast as the most important meal of the day. A filling and nutritious breakfast is the ideal way to start a day of healthy eating, whether you have breakfast at home, on the morning commute, or perhaps even at your desk. If convenience is vital for you some good options are overnight oats, a granola bar or even a nutrient-dense smoothie.


Preparation is key

Perhaps the most crucial piece of advice when it comes to eating healthily at work is to prepare well in advance. This means working out a meal plan at the start of each week which will allow you to make good choices in advance rather than having to stay strong in the face of temptation throughout the week. After you have made a list of what you want to eat, go shopping for any supplies that you need and get meal-prepping.


Pack a small treat to savour

This is important as you will quickly tire of your new healthy eating plan if there is no room for any treats whatsoever. The key here is to pick a treat that is small enough to satisfy your sugar craving while still keeping you on track with your overall health plan. Good examples of a small treat include a small brownie, a flapjack, or some chocolate or yogurt covered nuts and raisins.


Keep hydrated

Many of us are not fully in tune with our body’s signals and mistake the feeling of thirst for hunger. Having a full water bottle on your desk at all times can help to stave off hunger and keep you hydrated for optimal performance at work. For those who don’t like drinking plain water consider adding a low-sugar cordial to your water.


Be smart when snacking

It’s not realistic to expect that your healthy lunch will keep you going all day so make sure that you have packed some wholesome snacks such as nuts, seeds, wholegrain crackers or dried fruit. Furthermore, keeping healthy snacks in your desk drawer is a great idea as it means you don’t even have to worry about packing snacks to take into work and you can simply refill your healthy snack drawer when required.


Learn how to politely decline treats from colleagues

The modern-day office can be a minefield for those trying to eat healthily. Whether it’s cake brought in to celebrate every birthday or a well-meaning colleague who likes to bring in doughnuts every Friday, it can seem as though it would come across as rude not to indulge. However, there is a way to politely decline- simply smile and say, “That looks great, I’d love to have one but I’m being good right now, thanks anyway”. A considerate colleague will understand and won’t try to pressure you into abandoning your healthy eating plan.


Have a healthy, appetising dinner to look forward to

Finally, after a successful day of sticking to your healthy eating plan make sure that you have a filling, satisfying dinner to look forward to after your long day. This will keep you motivated and will be a good way of reinforcing your positive lifestyle changes.


Keeping the momentum up

Whether or not you are actively trying to lose weight, these tips offer sound advice for those seeking to improve their health overall. By changing your routine just a little and practising good self-control throughout the day you will soon be achieving your health goals and optimising your performance at work.

Finally, if you find you need greater accountability for your actions why not buddy up with someone who is looking to take similar steps to improve their health. Similarly, there are many apps that can be downloaded to track your progress and keep you motivated to make good choices. When your hard work starts to pay off it should be easy to see the results and to enjoy the benefits of your new healthy lifestyle.