Canadian Business Awards 2023

Tru Earth Environmental Products Inc. is an eco-friendly, household product company committed to eliminating plastic from landfills and oceans while giving back to those who need it most. There is only one Earth and it is up to us to do as much as we possibly can to protect our home. Globally, each year, 654 billion plastic household product containers are dumped in landfills and oceans. Tru Earth Environmental Products Inc is an award winning eco-friendly household product company committed to eliminating plastic from landfills and oceans. The introduction of eco-friendly alternatives and customers choosing to purchase them, could help decrease the yearly sum of household products that end up in landfills and oceans, as well as, reducing the carbon emissions. The company is also able to produce less greenhouse gas emissions by utilizing Canadian manufacturer and shipping using multiple warehouse locations close to where its customers live. Our customers are #TruChangeMakers™, disrupting the multi-billion-dollar household product industry, reducing carbon emissions by up to 94% and caring for the health of the planet and their families. The company provides us with kitchen, bathroom and laundry products while making a substantial impact on the health of our world. You can purchase the products as a one off or through their subscription option, to which Tru Earth responds, by matching all subscriptions and donates them to families in need across the world. “At Tru Earth, we know many small hinges can swing very, very big doors.” Recently, Tru Earth was recognised in the Canadian Business Awards 2023 for Best Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent Brand. Brad shares, “Top CPG (Consumer packaged goods) executives have joined because they want to be proud of what they are doing.” “Our goal is to ensure that all employees partake in diversity training which promote our core values: • We are confident but humble. • We embrace change and seek out new knowledge. • We are positive team members. • We are accountable. • We are passionately authentic.” Tru Earth not only provides eco-friendly alternatives for your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry products but it also has donated 21,000,000+ laundry eco-strips, retail value of $10,700,000, to organizations across North America and the Global South. The program began in March 2020 with a few donations and has now grown to support over 850 organizations such as food banks, BIPOC organizations, and non-profits. Since January 2021, 14,000,000 eco-strips have been donated of which 50% were to Canada, 15% internationally and 35% to US organizations. Its major partners include Daily Bread Food Bank, Share Food Program Philadelphia, and Health Partners International of Canada. In addition to the donation program, Tru Earth continues the give-back mission with a fundraising program. Non-profit organizations can signup at no cost for their own unique Tru Earth store. Any purchases made through that link will generate a 20% profit for the organization. It has 1,400+ partners across North America. Tru Earth also has a partnership with the global conservation organization Ocean Wise and is the founding partner of the Great American Shoreline Clean-up program. Tru Earth & Ocean Wise hosted a week of clean-ups collecting more than 1,000 pounds of trash off the shorelines of San Francisco. Supporting a company that cares about the Earth and the people in it, is a great way to do your part in protecting the planet we live in. You can check out Tru Earth’s movement on social media through #TruEarthMovement™ and #TruChangeMakers™. With all that Tru Earth stands for, and all it does, it is clear to see why it has won Best Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent Brand 2023. We look forward to seeing what it does next. Contact: Kate Walker- Manager, ESG Email Address: [email protected] Company: Tru Earth Environmental Products Inc. Web Address: Dec22343 Best Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent Brand 2023