Canadian Business Awards 2023

Dec22301 Best Boutique PR & Communications Firm 2023 - Western Canada PARKER PR is an award-winning boutique public relation Agency that specializes in communications tactics for various differently industries, such as lifestyle brands, arts and culture. We speak to its CEO, Ellen Parker, to find out more following its win in the Canadian Business Awards 2023. Social media has opened a world of opportunities for connection and exposure for individuals and businesses. PARKER PR is an award-winning, boutique public relations agency. It specializes in communications tactics for lifestyle brands, arts and culture, non-profit, technology, oil and gas, developers, commercial real estate firms, and restaurants. The CEO of PARKER PR, Ellen Parker, was a recipient of The Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee Medal in recognition of her significant contributions to the province through volunteerism. Making a positive impact is something Ellen empathises as she explains, “We are passionate about building relationships, strategy, communities and culture; we are able to do this through creative storytelling and shedding light on people and organizations who are doing amazing work for the betterment of their community.” “Our dedication to our core values as a team influences our success.” PARKER Media values integrity, accountability, respect, innovation, and resourcefulness to which Ellen shares, “We bring meaning to our work and care deeply about our clients and partners. We treat everyone with kindness and respect, nurturing and building strong relationships with our clients and our partners. We focus on the quality of our work and always do our best by finding creative ways to solve problems for our clients.” Behind the scenes it includes event creation and managing, social media management, media relations, and content creation. Ellen says, “Implementing these services for our clients has resulted in our company and our clients consistently being recognized as thought leaders in their respective industry, receiving awards and gaining valuable and significant media relations.” PARKER Media is a branch of the company and Ellen describes it as a “valuable service we offer”. This branch is dedicated to producing highquality photos and videos to amplify each brand. It brings experience in film and television to produce captivating digital media content based on the business’ goals. There is a growing trend for media to be produced outside of traditional news outlets. Ellen comments, “PARKER PR has responded to these needs in the community by keeping up with changes in the industry as innovation is a company value.” Digital trends in communication include - social media trends like short form video on Tik Tok, Instagram, and YouTube, virtual meetings, podcasts, virtual tours and multimedia websites, and influencer marketing. With all that PR PARKER provides its clients and their community, it is clear to see why it has won Best Boutique PR & Communications Firm in the Canadian Business Awards 2023. Ellen adds, “We have built a strong foundation of trust where we inspire and support each other.” We look forward to seeing the continuous growth and expansion that is to come thanks to the strong foundation Ellen has worked so hard to build and maintain. Contact: [email protected] Company: PARKER PR Web Address: Canadian Business Awards 2023 19