Canadian Business Awards 2023

CIPR Communications has been trailblazing in the tourism industry across Canada for the last decade. Their unique engagement-based marketing and communications program is inspiring locals and exciting visitors. CIPR Communications provides transparent marketing and communications. They specialize in the B2B and B2C services sectors, including home services, personal services, commercial and industrial services, and the manufacturing industry. But, their true expertise and experience is in the tourism industry where they provide communications and marketing support for experience-providers, hotels, resorts, and lodges, and destination organizations. CIPR’s tourism work extends through marketing and communications. They often work with DMOs and tourism experience providers in a full-retainer model where they take on the role of the marketing and communications department within an organization. CIPR prides itself in being part of the client’s team. “We don’t view ourselves as just an agency helping out. We are just as invested in the success of our clients as they are,” explains President, Peter Pilarski. Several of their clients have won awards for their marketing and communications campaigns. CIPR has become well known for its Value of Tourism campaigns. They have customized and provided this program for destinations across Canada. The program pulls together a variety of public relations, corporate communications, and marketing tactics in order to engage and excite locals. Owners, Peter and Christina Pilarski come from a background of working alongside marketing and communication agencies, which gave them insight into a gap in the industry after experiencing agencies that lacked transparency and communication. When they started, they were committed to being the most transparent agency with clear results, Christina explains, “We accomplish our mission by first having very detailed proposals and contracts, a thorough and detailed onboarding process, an ASANA project management tool where clients can see, in real time, the status of their project and the conversations taking place about the client’s deliverable. We prioritize weekly status updates, monthly reports and quarterly, semi-annual, or annual reviews to help clients understand the work being done and progress being made.” Christina explains, “Our core values (kindness, kick-ass, confidence, client-focus) are our strategic advantage, especially our primary value of kindness, because the world simply needs as much kindness as possible. Many of our tourism-based clients can feel intimidated by communications and campaigning. Our cultural values at CIPR allow us to come alongside them and allow them to shine!” Public relations and digital marketing are an ever-evolving industry that CIPR oversees and stays ahead of to elevate its service to the best it can be. Christina adds, “We have a very strong digital marketing department, and we are very effective at combining these with a digital PR offering.” CIPR has quickly become the go-to agency for the tourism industry - especially those looking to tell their story and position the importance of tourism within their community. Christina explains, “We typically start our tourism projects with a community poll to learn how a destination’s residents feel about the tourism industry and the value of tourism in their economy – we use that poll to generate PR and media interest and the survey results to publish website content that leads to high value links that support digital marketing outcomes.” This approach has led to great success for clients to build natural links and authority, which “we believe is the currency of modern marketing and communications”. As we enter a post-pandemic era, CIPR will be focused on growing their tourism offering and client-base, including those Indigenous communities and Nations with strong, developing (and established) tourism experiences. Peter explains, “We are so passionate about our work in tourism. We want to tell the stories of these amazing businesses and individuals. It has been awesome to work alongside several Indigenous Nations doing this tourism work as well. We are so grateful for the amazing work our clients trust us to do everyday.” CIPR’s success speaks for itself. It has been awarded five web awards in the past two years. Last year, Christina made the Top Entrepreneurs to Look Out For, in the 2022 list from the Entrepreneurs Herald. You can tune in into Peter and Christina’s podcast, “Two Babies and a Business”, as they discuss the busy life of entrepreneurs – and the evolving world of marketing and communications. “We are so grateful to be recognized as the Best International Tourism Marketing & Communications Agency 2023. I am so proud of the CIPR team and this recognition solidifies our approach to tourism marketing and communications,” beams Peter. Contact: Peter Pilarski/Christina Pilarski Company: CIPR Communications Web Address: Dec22248 Best International Tourism Marketing & Communications Agency 2023