Canadian Business Awards 2023

Dec22169 Best Wine & Beer Making Supplies Retail Enterprise - Manitoba Moonshiners Unlimited is a pioneer of the industry in Winnipeg with the largest selection of liquor essences in the province. It sells wine, beer, and alcohol kits for at home production, it also provides u-brew which consists of in-house production. We talk with its Owner, Dorelle Taillefer, to find out more following its win in the Canadian Business Awards 2023. Moonshiners Unlimited was set up in 1986 by Armand Bedard. It was expertly led by him until he retired in 2020, leaving a family friend and employee, Dorelle Taillefer, to continue providing wine and beer supplies to a plethora of customers. Its customers include everyone from young to old, individuals who want to save some money and make some gifts and old pros used to the process. It also serves people who were doing it themselves but no longer have room, or those who may have the space but just don’t want to do it themselves. Dorelle Taillefer says, “At all rates, even the highest-end kit will save you a couple of dollars in comparison to shopping at LC”. “We do strive to offer a fun and safe environment for our customers whether they are just stopping by or hanging out to bottle.” The company’s core values are based around customer satisfaction and safety, Dorelle says, “We are local safe space as well as partners with The Welcoming Projects. We strive to find a solution if the initial plan didn’t go according “to plan”, we never let a customer leave unhappy.” Moonshiners is constantly trying to bring in new products and is always looking for feedback in order to offer its customers what they want. The technology is often changing, and Dorelle adds, “We are doing our best to keep up with the times, when it comes to the equipment we are using, we are well advanced, but in terms of at-home use there are a lot more options available. Some may be at a higher cost, but in the long run their efficiency wins out.” Moonshiners ensures that those within the company have a willingness to learn and to teach so that the customer’s experience is enjoyable and informative. Teaching requires a team that is patience enough to be ready to possibly repeat information over as many times as its needed. Moonshiners’ customers are learning and looking for support, so the company ensures that the they are greeted by a member of the team that supports them, makes them feel comfortable, and keeps the experience safe and fun. Recently, Moonshiners Limited has been recognized by Canadian Business Awards 2023 for Best Wine & Beer Making Supplies Retail Enterprise – Manitoba. We are excited to continue to see Moonshiners provide its award-winning services for many more years to come. Contact: Dorelle Taillefer Company: Moonshiners Unlimited Web Address: Canadian Business Awards 2023 21