Corporate Coaching and Recruitment 2023

Nov23201 Based in Switzerland, InnKick is a specialised coaching service that primarily offers career guidance for professionals in periods of transition, tailored corporate workshops, and mentorship programmes for emerging individuals aiming to excel in the corporate world. The company was established by Founder and CEO Hulya Kurt, an experienced career coach dedicated to propelling people towards professional success. Here, we explore her career and the work she does at InnKick. Having gained over three decades of experience in the world of business, Hulya Kurt decided to pursue her passion for supporting and helping people in organisations by establishing her own coaching and education company: InnKick. Throughout her career, she successfully climbed the corporate ladder, progressing from an entry level position to supervisor to manager. By leveraging the knowledge and expertise she has gained along the way, she hopes to guide individuals to make strategic, sustainable changes in their lives in order to ultimately achieve their goals. With InnKick’s assistance, established professionals are empowered to overcome career stagnation and identify a clear career pathway for their future, whilst young individuals are provided with the support they need to successfully enter and navigate the corporate world. Whether they are just starting out or looking to level up, the company’s expert coaches will help them to identify their goals, develop effective strategies, and overcome hurdles. They will receive all the support and advice they need, whether it be a CV and LinkedIn review, assistance with admissions to different international programmes, or collaboration with recruitment agencies. Supported by a dedicated team, Hulya customises her sessions to cater to the unique desires and aspirations of each client. For companies, she creates bespoke training days that can be carried out in-office or at a neutral location. The workshops she leads are immersive and participatory, covering topics like leadership skills, communication, diversity, inclusion, equity, wellbeing, and many more. Through this offering, her goal is to inspire and assist companies in providing their employees with support and professional development opportunities. Moreover, Hulya delivers experiential events through InnKick Experiences, including a combination of diverse, inclusive, and engaging social events designed to build a sense of community and nurture the authentic self. She believes that, by bringing people together in a space where experience, inspiration, culture, and spirituality meet, it is possible to create a sense of belonging and encourage personal growth, learning, and connection. For example, one event hosted by Hulya in Geneva is ‘Cooking and Coaching’, as part of which attendees embark on a journey towards realising their full potential. In a unique blend of culinary art and professional empowerment, they are enlightened not only to the delightful flavours of Turkish cuisine but also to the power of mentorship. Led by an experienced career coach, they will gain powerful insights, share captivating stories, and discover their path to success. Furthermore, Hulya offers a number of self-paced online courses and programmes through InnKick Academy, covering topics like networking, parenting, and raising your voice. These offerings are designed to help individuals, businesses, and professionals gain practical and sustainable insights into important topics. For her outstanding coaching and mentoring services, exceptional workshops, and informative online courses, Hulya has received a multitude of positive feedback from satisfied clients. For example, one shares, “Hulya is an amazing mentor! Her pragmatic and warm approach to coaching you through your career (no matter where you are at) is encouraging, innovative, and life changing. The wonderful conversations were charged with insightful advice and positive energy. It truly changed my way of looking at things at a professional and personal level.” In light of this glowing praise, it is no surprise that InnKick has been named Most Innovative Career Coaching & Education Service, Europe, in the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2023. With yet another prestigious accolade to add to its collection, there is no doubt that the company will continue helping individuals and businesses alike in the years to come. On the future of InnKick, Hulya comments, “Let’s see what the future will bring. We never know. What I do know is that we hope to grow further, be a provider of real emotional experiences, and organise big events with a minimum of 250 people. We will also continue Cooking and Coaching as it has created a wonderful positive vibe, serving as a bridge amongst all cultures for a peaceful and fair world.” Contact: Hulya Kurt Company: InnKick Web Address: Most Innovative Career Coaching & Education Service 2023 - Europe