Issue 1 2022

Issue 1 2022 17 Nov21330 Best Boutique Business Coaching Practice 2022 - United Kingdom Claire Buck Coaching & Mentoring helps ambitious business owners and professionals to create a powerful platform for growth, alignment and success. In light of the company’s success in Corporate Vision’s 2022 Corporate Excellence Awards, we explore how it transforms peoples’ business and personal lives. Claire is an award-winning business coach and mentor. For the last five years she has worked with hundreds of business founders, CEOs and executives to build high-performing emotionally intelligent environments, whilst keeping a person-centred approach. Claire works with clients to empower them to overcome seemingly unsurmountable problems, using her transformational system to dramatically improve both their business and personal lives. Having successfully grown a large chain of over 60 retail outlets, employing over 500 people, with a turnover of £25 million while juggling a large family, Claire gained a unique insight into understanding the complex needs of her clients. She now specialises in working with SMEs and business executives, implementing her personal and business growth strategies on a one-to-one basis or in small intimate groups. Claire lives her life through a strong set of core values and her business is an extension of her life. “Qualities such as honesty, truth, integrity and compassion are ingrained into everything I do, but being a great listener is probably my biggest secret to success”. Claire helps clients, who are stuck and feel they are not making the professional progression they had hoped for, to unlock the creative power within themselves and their teams to innovate, progress and grow, whilst preserving their core identity. She does this by delivering a strategic plan for success. Finding real-time solutions for questions like: - • I’m overwhelmed and afraid of burn out. • I need a succession plan so I can hand this organisation on or sell it. • I’m not getting enough from my people. • My team is not aligned. • I need to change the culture, but everyone resists! • We need a new strategy, but no one can even agree what the issues are. • I can’t trust anyone else to get the job done, but I don’t have time to keep doing it myself. For businesses who are ready to grow, Claire shows them how to strategize in a systematic way – getting to the core of their business’ ‘why’ and what their growth aims are - so they know exactly where their business is headed and how to get there. Claire offers a Discovery Session to find out the real needs of the person, which leads to • 1-2-1 sessions • Group Sessions • Group Alignment • Group Away Days “I believe that everyone has the ability to empower themselves in life, relationships and business, so I help my clients to resolve conflict, overcome obstacles and achieve alignment, growth and success. Claire’s methods work and her clients can’t say enough great things about their experiences with her. “I have really enjoyed working with Claire at a business and personal level. Claire really can provide both, which is exactly what an owner managed business requires. She has helped my management team work more productively together, by providing a better insight into why we work in the way we do. Enabling us to improve communication, so creating more informed collective solutions. At a personal level, she has also helped me to understand my strengths and weaknesses, to better enable me to drive the business forward. I wholeheartedly recommend Claire, who brings with her, business nous, personal sensitivity and a vast knowledge of industry leading techniques to improve your personal and business performance.“ Jonathan Winston, Managing Partner, Winston Solicitors LLP Company: Claire Buck Coaching Contact: Claire Buck Email: [email protected] Website: