Keeping Your Workforce Sociable in a Virtual World

Keeping Your Workforce Sociable in a Virtual World

With most people working from home, the weekly after-work socials have been scrapped almost entirely. Many people have to juggle their work-life alongside other home responsibilities, so finding time to fit in a social with their team at work, has become somewhat of a challenge.

In a challenging time such as the present, it is more important than ever to look after our well-being and ensure that we distinguish a separation between our work and personal lives; especially when working from home.

With technology advancing every day, there are plenty of opportunities for virtual social events popping up left, right, and centre. Hosting a virtual social is one way of keeping in contact with your team, and to enjoy time together outside of a work environment. When searching for inspiration for virtual work socials, stick around! We have a list below of ideas, which we feel will inspire you.

Pub Quiz

This is something that can be done using the old-fashioned PowerPoint and one of the many video calling platforms that have taken over throughout the last year! Picking a particular theme for the quiz, and getting everyone to dress up, or simply, hosting a simpler, relaxed quiz which everyone participates in. The choice is entirely yours.

Organising an event like this is simple and can be coupled with a few drinks on the side. Relaxing together in the evening, to continue positive working relations, while keeping those who are feeling isolated company; we are confident that this would be enjoyable for all. Your colleagues and employees would appreciate the gesture also.

Virtual Team Building Events

Further to our previous point about the virtual world taking over in the last year or so, we can safely say that the number of virtual events for team building has grown exponentially. While team building is essential to a working environment while in person, it should also be prioritised while working from home. When looking for inspiration as to what you could do as a workforce to develop team-building skills, there are several options that you could explore.

Team Tactics host a wide range of virtual and socially distanced team-building exercises, perfect for during the pandemic and beyond. Whether you are searching for team building in London during the pandemic or team building in other parts of the country, we are confident that you will find something to suit all team sizes and budgets!

Movie Night

For those cinema and film fans out there, this one is for you! It can seem challenging to organise a film night during the pandemic but is also something that is doable. With the advancement of technology and development of certain apps, there are now resources available online and through various applications, which allows a user to stream what they are watching to other people. Using a resource like this to stream a film for your workforce to also watch at the same time, is an excellent way of virtually being together.

What’s more, if this is not possible for everyone, you could simply select the same film to watch and get everyone to watch it at a similar time. Whether you choose to watch a thriller or horror to keep everyone on the edge of their seats, or for the more favoured action or comedy films, we are confident that this would be a fun time for all.

While these are but some of the things you could do for hosting a virtual work social, we hope that you are going forth with some inspiration for your next virtual get-together with the rest of your team! While things are still challenging, we are sure that you will be able to reunite in person one day in the future.