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As the President of The Commonwealth of Independent States Speakers Association (CISSA), there is much to be expected from someone as exceptional as Radislav Gandapas. Yet, he lives up to all expectations, delivering work that has earned him the title of Most Outstanding Leadership Coach 2021 – Russia in this month’s issue of Corporate Vision Magazine. We take a closer look at what Mr Gandapas has to offer his clients, as well as his role as President of CISSA, to unearth what makes him such a worthy winner of this title.

From an early age, Mr Radislav Gandapas decided that, when he grew up, he wanted to become a pilot like his father before him. Delighted and thrilled by the prospect of a future in the aviation industry, his father encouraged him all the way and pushed Mr Gandapas to spend countless hours spent hanging upside down from monkey bars, jumping over fire, and spinning around on all kinds of flight simulators. Slowly but surely, with experience and time, Mr Gandapas eventually become more and more fearless about the prospect of a life as a pilot like his father. At least, that was what he thought. As he learned the trade and the skills necessary, his parents then asked him to stand up and share a few words in front of a group of their friends. Fear returned, and Mr Gandapas found himself struck by paralysing anxiety. Muted by this fear, Mr Gandapas could hardly move his mouth, let alone form words.

How then, to overcome this fear? Well, the answer presented itself in the form of the same way that Mr Gandapas strived to become a pilot: practice and training. Since then, Mr Gandapas has invested a great many hours in and around the subject of public speaking. Having devoted so much time to it, he was able to learn tips, tricks, techniques, and methods of making public speaking into a skill and a strength that would never get the better of him again. So great was the level of dedication that Mr Gandapas gave to public speaking, that it has now become a centrepiece of his life’s work. Building on the platform of learning that he generated about public speaking, Mr Gandapas has delved very deeply indeed into the parallel sphere of leadership.

Both public speaking and leadership share many similar traits, and the two often go hand-in-hand for leaders around the world. Whether it be delivering a company meeting, or speaking to thousands at a major conference, the necessity for leaders to be good public speakers is evident every single day. For Mr Gandapas, he noticed this connection and has dedicated himself to the publication of books, audiobooks, and video all around the topics of both leadership and public speaking. More than that, Mr Gandapas has also created workshops and training spaces for those that wish to develop their personal skill base. Fortunately, his work on these matters has not gone unnoticed in the world today. Mr Gandapas has been voted the Best Coach in Russia on three separate occasions, with one of his books also achieving the coveted accolade of being declared the best Russian business book of 2013.

Since taking on the role of President of CISSA and becoming a motivated and outstanding leadership coach, Radislav Gandapas has achieved a great many things in his professional career. As a speaker, author, and coach, Mr Gandapas continually seeks to provide both his clients and colleagues with a space for them to grow, collaborate, and flourish in whatever industry or sector they so choose. At the core of the service that Mr Gandapas provides is the desire to always be professional, add value to his clients’ lives, and help others succeed in their chosen field. What makes him so successful in this pursuit to better others’ lives is the fact that he has access to a wide network of clients through his role as President of CISSA. The association functions well due to the ongoing excellence of its members, of which Mr Gandapas is a key part. With genuine service provided and offered by every member, the clients that benefit from the services are made to feel like they have worked with the very best. In essence, the CISSA is a place where the best of the best come together, and are led by the very best.

Mr Gandapas has risen throughout his professional career to become the number one personal growth guru in the CISSA. Now, he is in a place where he is able to influence the lives of so many other professionals and their clients, both directly and indirectly. Directly, Mr Gandapas works with speakers, coaches, industry professionals, and anyone who wants to learn more about how to lead. As a direct result of those interactions, the indirect influences are then made on clients and customers of those whom Mr Gandapas has spent time coaching and investing in. Everything that Mr Gandapas does is based on a culture that is centred on a commitment to constant growth, and to delivering excellence. Ensuring that everyone has a chance to become the leader they want to be is imperative, and that is what this outstanding coach and leader has dedicated his life to.

Honoured with what he has been blessed to achieve to date, Mr Gandapas is fully dedicated to achieving more and doing even more for his clients, and their customers, despite the fact that the speaker industry has been hit hard by the shutting down of live events. Online growth has massively increased in market size, but there is room for improvement everywhere. Both directly and indirectly, this outstanding leader is changing lives for the better through the power of leadership and public speaking. By giving more leaders the skills necessary to make the most out of their platform, the world is now a stage where more people than ever before can have an opinion and share it. Brilliant individuals exists everywhere around the world, and CISSA is a place in Russia that tries to bring together some of those under the guidance and wisdom of Mr Gandapas. His success is very much deserved, and his future remains brighter than ever before.

For more information, please contact Radislav Ganadapas at www.radislavgandapas.com/eng