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Nobody wants to talk to a salesperson. It makes people instinctively defensive. Fortunately for the salesperson, there are ways around this, and the best are taught by Sandler’s s Training, using methods perfected over fifty years ago. Given its award-winning success, named as Corporate Vision Magazine’s Leading Global Sales Training Experts 2020 – USA, we took a closer look at what makes this training truly unique.

David Sandler was a salesperson who hated his job. He felt underpaid, overworked and worn out. Eventually, he took control of the sales call, of his results and ultimately his life. Teaming up with a clinical psychologist, both designed an approach to sales that would challenge the stereotype of a salesperson and create a relational approach that focused on mutual respect, clarity and qualifying decisions. Over fifty years after that decision, the approach grown into an international franchise, with trainers in over 30 countries.

Sandler died in 1995, but his methodology is still incredibly relevant to salespeople around the world. Aimed at serving several distinct audiences through highly trained and specialized channels, small to mid-sized companies are able to take advantages of training with over 270 training centers around the globe. The centers are run by more than 600 fulltime, certified Sandler trainers, all of whom are actual sales and sales management professionals trained to communicate the world-class Sandler message and methodology. This isn’t an HR team explaining concepts learned in a book, but experienced professionals sharing the secrets of a success that has been learned and applied in the field.

The importance of specialization cannot be overstated, treating clients as individuals as far as possible, while also educating in a group context. Corporate trainers are highly focused sales and management professionals, with experience in vertical industries such as Tech, Financial Services and Construction Materials to name but a few.

Sandler’s Training is not just a system designed to be the subject of a two-day seminar, then slowly abandoned over the next couple of weeks. It is carefully designed to equip clients with the tools necessary to create common processes, culture and sales language within various organizations. It also goes beyond traditional sales strategy and into focusing on the client as a whole, with a particular emphasis on behaviours and attitudes in addition to techniques.

The key to Sandler’s Training is not just in the message, but in the way this training is delivered. Providing options in a variety of modalities and formats, the business delivers methods of teaching based on the needs and demands of a client. With options that can be instructor-led, virtual ILT, online microlearning courses and extensive resources libraries that include books, whitepapers, blogs, podcasts and videos. Sandler’s business model operates on offering a variety of different options that allow as many people as possible to learn and access the Sandler method.

Sandler’s Training cover a wide array of solutions to the many problems that can arise in any aspect of a sales job. This means that their training opportunities range all the way from further educating of those in leadership all the way down to those who’ve just started in the role and are looking for professional development. The leadership course covers all the aspects of the job that nobody teaches, namely finding, choosing and onboarding the ideal team member for a role. This is particularly important for the small businesses that Sandler’s Training focuses on, as the hiring of a new person might be an infrequent occasion. It teaches these leaders to not just look to their employees to improve themselves, but to continues encouraging those in a leadership position to be held to account, both to the business and to a leader’s professional goals.

When focusing on the world of professional development, Sandler’s Training looks to equip life skills for those new to the professional workplace. For those who need to better understand how to get the most out of people, this training encourages professionals to apply a slightly different approach to proceedings. Through a change in behavior, the development of new attitudes, and improvement in techniques, Sandler’s Training is able to guide consistent, lasting success for the rest of your career. This includes not only building up the confidence to be an honest salesperson who is willing and happy to operate outside of their comfort zone but educating on how to deal with people who make you feel frustrated. The third and final aspect of the course focuses on the matter of adulting. Going beyond what people are taught at school, Sandler’s Training takes a pride and glee in equipping people with real world skills such as goal setting, time management and decision making.

This is actually a key aspect of the Sandler’s Training system, with the ability to change, and be willing to change, actually being one the major principles running through every aspect of every training program. This is partly because a long-term commitment to sustainable behavior changes is considerably more rewarding to a company in the long run. It creates less friction to other changes on an organizational level, improving attitude, motivation and engagement.

Of course, all of these various programs and solutions have support in a number of resources, namely Sandler Online. This proprietary solution allows learners to gain access to an incredible wealth of information, designed specifically to educate and support learners in an appropriately broad variety of content, tools and applications. Building in the powerful curriculum that has proven to be such a success, along with valuable resource libraries and visual tools, Sandler Online has also got the ability to support flexible learning thanks to its state-of-the-art platform. While the message and importance of David Sandler is important, it is also key to remember that he would take advantage of any system that would further share his message of prosperity for all. Adding new online systems is just another feather in the cap of his talented team.

At the end of the day, Sandler’s Training presents sales teams with something quite unlike the status quo. It’s a proven technique from fifty years ago, brought back and given new life in the form of this impressive business empire. It’s a way of thinking that changes how decisions are made how, how people think and the effect this has on the customer. With a skillset built up over 50 years, it’s no wonder that this company has seen, and will continue to see, a commitment to Sandler’s dream. It’s a dream that hasn’t steered them wrong yet.

Company: Sandler Training
Contact: Rachel Miller
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