London Diamonds James Sanders on Sustainability Within the Jewellery Market | James Sanders

Founder and managing director of London Diamonds James Sanders discusses lab grown diamonds and sustainable trends within the UK’s jewellery market. 

London Diamonds has made significant inroads into the UK’s lucrative diamond engagement ring market since it started. James Sanders (London Diamonds founder and Managing Director) has clear ideas about what customers respond to and the aspects of the traditional jewellery industry that are best off in the past.

London Diamonds team brings fresh perspective to engagement ring market

From concept to design, London Diamonds is all about cutting through the haze of extra costs associated with the traditional jewellery industry and bring a sustainable, innovative approach to engagement rings.

James Sanders (London Diamonds founder and Managing Director) says: “Bringing the luxury market to customers for a fair price is the core focus of our business idea. But it’s much more than that. We’re not the cheapest out there, but we can promise that our clients are paying a fair price for their bespoke jewellery.

“We’ve dispensed with property costs, brand selling techniques and over expensed sales staff. Our business model is as clean as our designs – we understand this is up there with the most important life purchases that people make. To that end, we work harder to bring the human touch and expert advice to the bespoke pieces we create.”

London Diamonds – a disruptive innovator in a saturated market

Managing Director James Sanders says: “Our success lies in providing real value to our clients in so many ways. And so many people are responding to our approach to making a diamond engagement ring.

“While a fair price is obviously key to the London Diamonds approach, that doesn’t mean we sell the cheapest engagement rings on the market. But we are the very best in terms of service and craftmanship.

“I’m proud of the talent among the London Diamonds team – it’s something that I often think luxury brands can lack. As an active investor in the luxury market, I’m well aware of what customers respond to in a positive way and we’re able to bring that to the UK through our business.”

London Diamonds: a mission for sustainability

A major emerging trend within luxury brands in general and specifically within the modern jewellery industry is sustainability.

From costume pieces to a diamond engagement ring, customers are increasingly expecting bespoke jewellery made with sustainable materials. James Sanders says: “While traditionally, engagement rings have been made largely with naturally mined diamonds, the future is lab grown.

“Lab grown diamonds used to make diamond rings and other jewellery are just as beautiful as mined stones. Furthermore, they cost about half as much for comparable quality. In many ways, to be a brand selling 90% lab grown diamonds as we are is another decision from a disruptive innovator. Yes, the conversation is moving towards lab grown diamonds to deliver real value, but this conversation is only just emerging with many engagement ring designers.

“We have been with this from the day London Diamonds launched – we understand that sustainability matters to our clients and if we can bring them a diamond ring that looks amazing with lab grown then we will.”

Why London Diamonds chooses lab grown over mined diamonds

A lab grown diamond is just as real as a mined diamond. The only difference is that they are grown in a lab (hence the name!) from a seed from a mined stone. Using state of the art technology, these diamonds can be created without the need for all of the environmental damage associated with mining gems.

James Sanders says: “So much goes into replicating the exact conditions that form diamonds naturally in the lab that the resulting gem consists of the same carbon atoms formed into a lattice crystal structure that mined diamonds do.

“Given that their chemical and physical properties are exactly the same, a diamond ring that uses a lab grown gem is indistinguishable. It’s just a better way and a more responsible way to create a beautiful cut and a gorgeous ring – whether oval cut or round brilliant.

A business idea that works for UK customers in so many ways

James Sanders says: “As well as dispensing with extraneous outlays, such as property costs, London Diamonds combines expert advice from truly talented sales staff with other innovative ideas that have driven the success of our start up.

“Clients love the ease of working with us and are glad to have access to all the advice they need to make a purchase that makes them happy. But they consistently tell us that the best thing we offer is our lifetime guarantee on every ring.

“This lifetime guarantee includes repairs and it’s been a huge success in creating the trust between the person buying and the company. We were the first to offer this in the UK and it remains a unique benefit of working with us.”

Going green in the jewellery industry

James Sanders, Managing director of London Diamonds is a person who has created a brand that sets a clear ethical example. James says: “We wanted to take the other option – the one that creates a start up business that ensures the team work harder to bring an ethical, sustainable approach to customers.

“There are ways that jewellery makers can make their services greener, without losing the art of making beautiful pieces. An important part of this is to be able to trace materials – whether gold, diamonds or any other gem – back to their source. This is an example of something that can be put in place by any jeweller.

“They can then adjust their material sourcing as necessary. Adding in guarantees that cover repairs is also another example we’ve set as a business – it’s the single most impactful act that we can sell to our clients. They invest in a piece of jewellery and in us as a business that will ensure it lasts a lifetime.

“Finally, we can give clients the truth about the whole idea of whether to ‘invest’ in the diamond itself. The truth is that, unless you are paying an awful lot of money for an exceptionally rare stone, there is no such thing a useful investment in diamonds. So concentrate on what makes you happy and the best you can get for your money – it’ll make you happiest in the long term.”

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