Marketing 101 for Students: Tips and Tricks for Building Your Personal Brand

As a college student who strives to achieve your biggest goals in life, you’ve likely seen a handful of people who command the attention of millions regardless of what they do. There are a lot of influencers and leaders who are experts in their respective fields. They have a lot of followers who always want to know what they have to say about various topics. If you want to have such an influence in a particular field, the first thing that you need to do is create a personal brand. While this might seem like a complex thing to do, it is not a new concept. It became popular with the rise of social media. And during the pandemic when most study and work tasks were being done online.

Defining a personal brand

A personal brand is an identity that an individual or organization creates. While most people consider branding to be similar to marketing, they are not the same. Marketing revolves around employing tactics and tools to introduce a brand and keep your audience engaged. On the other hand, branding is everything you do to connect with your target market. Building a brand requires work and time. As a college student, you have to stay on top of your essay writing tasks and find time to work on your brand. This can be quite difficult. If your tutor requires you to write a ”Freedom of Speech” important essay introduction, you should consider getting essay ideas and essay help online. Branding is much more than logos and colours. You have to build relationships with an audience who are genuinely interested in the products and services that you are offering.

Benefits of a personal brand

Here are some of the benefits that you’ll enjoy by having a unique brand:

Standing out – Branding is not for influencers only. If you want to create a business that will thrive or progress in your career, you have to have a personal brand. As long as you get noticed, you can easily get what you want.Get more opportunities: Being unique enables you to stay a step ahead of your competitors. When you do everything right, people will remember you long after you are gone. Establishing authority in an industry can lead to successful partnerships.

Creating a personal brand

Here are a few steps that you should learn about if you want to establish authority in your industry:

Discover your purpose

While most people develop their personal brands to land their dream jobs and advance in their careers, there are many reasons why you should develop one. You have to think of what motivates you every day. Do you have specialized skills or talents? What excites you? Think of your role models. What do they have in common? Your purpose is the one thing that will make you smile every day. Your answers will change over time. However, knowing what you love is. And how you want to change your world will play an important role in this process.

Know your target marketYou need to discover the best ways to communicate with people. To do this effectively, you have to know your target audience. Focusing on niche areas will enable you to have a huge impact. Your niche has to align with your brand. Understanding the problems that your target market is facing will help you create a brand that covers their needs. After all, you want to establish authority to get noticed by others and make progress in life.

Be present on social mediaYou need to create social media profiles on platforms where your target market can easily find you. If you are a business person, having a profile on LinkedIn will help you connect and interact with other professionals and potential clients. This platform has been growing rapidly over the years to help people establish themselves as experts.


Building a brand and establishing authority in your respective field is one of the most important things that you should do today. If you can access the internet and social media platforms, you can easily position yourself as an expert and build an audience. By establishing your authority, you’ll stay a step ahead of your competition, attract potential clients and achieve your goals in the long run. Discovering your purpose and knowing the needs of your target market will help you create a brand that aligns with your long-term goals.