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Marketing Magic!.

Digital media is not only incredibly important to successful business operations, but is a rapidly changing industry. Finding experts who…

Marketing Magic!

24th April 2020

Vertical3 Media

Digital media is not only incredibly important to successful business operations, but is a rapidly changing industry. Finding experts who are fully up to the high standards that people have come to expect can be a challenge. Enter, Vertical3 Media! This hard-working firm has earned the accolade of Leading Digital Marketing & Advertising Company, 2020 – Florida in Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence Awards 2020. We looked a little closer to find out more.

Marketing is an industry of change and keeping up with that change can make or break a business. The team at Vertical3 Media is committed to ensuring that their clients are not only up to date, but able to achieve everything with online advertising that they want to. Vertical3 Media has nearly a decade of expertise in the field of digital media planning and buying, during which they have managed elite brands and accounts, allowing them to reach their goals in the US, Spanish and Latin American markets.

Based out of Miami, but with offices in Barcelona (Spain) and Bogota (Colombia), this award-winning digital marketing and advertising agency is proud to be able to offer a wide and comprehensive range of services that should satisfy the needs of any company. Combining a wide reach with a boutique attitude has been risky, but also allows for a breadth of operation that many smaller operations envy. Attention to detail is paramount for Vertical3 Media and its clients appreciate the way in which the team is able to account for the smallest detail if necessary. It is this pinpoint focus that has not just brought renowned brands to the business, but has kept them there for years.

The work that Vertical3 Media offers its clients is broad in the extreme, but ties together an agency committed to earning knowledge, acting professionally and building on skills. The result is a detail-oriented, boutique agency with the capacity and ability to cater to big projects such as the digital campaign for the Univision World Cup in 2014 or handling the marketing needs of A&E, Bounty, HBO and Zumba Fitness among others. Designing, structuring and implementing these exceptional solutions takes a great deal of time, as well as creativity and experience. Every aspect of the plan is combined into a simpler, effective way forward. Services are tailored to suit the specific needs of the client.

Vertical3 Media works across several platforms to get the results that clients want, buying advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn among others to increase awareness, generate leads, sales and obtain the results that their clients are looking for. This is only one of the services that Vertical3 Media provides, with the main digital services on offer to clients being Programmatic Advertising, Retargeting, Native Advertising, Influencer Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Amazon, Waze and Tik-Tok. Of course, traditional media still has an important role to play in terms of advertising and the team handles multiple clients’ needs in terms of radio, print or out-of-house promotion.

The clients that Vertical3 Media works for are varied in the extreme. Industries such as entertainment, travel and hospitality, luxury and insurance companies all turn to this team for support. For those agencies
in advertising, PR or creative work that are not yet fortunate enough to have their own digital marketing team, the team from Vertical3 Media are happy to step aboard and act in this role. This allows the business to widen the scope of what is on offer. As specialists, few understand better than the Vertical3 Media team that no one can be the best at everything. In this sort of situation, working together is a far more appealing prospect, with the united forces coming together to form the best possible solution for its clients. The reverse of this is working with local and international brands that want to advertise their services abroad.

The future for Vertical3 Media is incredibly positive with their optimistic approach allowing the team to continue striving to be better than they currently are, as well as offering more innovative solutions that achieve even greater goals for their clients. As always, the aim is growth in terms of clients and in terms of geographic spread. Despite the offices already established in Miami, Bogota and Barcelona, the company feels there is still the potential to look to pastures new.

Like all things, the future of the business is also very much affected by the needs of the market and the way in which marketing develops. Currently, there are still firms that do not see any need to invest in digital advertising, not seeing the extraordinary potential that it contains. In many ways, this fear reflects the way in which there is a lot of new technology and terminology behind it, and that rapid changes mean that it takes a great deal of effort to properly consider what the options are. Vertical3 Media makes a point of educating its clients in what they are doing and why they’re doing it. Doing this effectively really showcases the many advantages that digital marketing can bring to the table and encourages any business operator to take the leap of faith into the digital realm. The main advantage that digital brings to the table is pure numbers, and it is much easier to make business decisions based on numbers than on supposition.

Marketing is an incredibly important weapon for businesses to wield, and the digital sphere presents a range of new opportunities that can be taken advantage of. Businesses like Vertical3 Media are ideally placed to make the most of this potential with an intimate knowledge of the industry and an ability to communicate a clear and resonant message. Often, business turns on not simply having a quick mind, but a smart one too. The results a digital approach brings are cleverer thinking that rewards those who give it a go. It’s what has led Vertical3 Media to its amazing success so far.

Contact: Juan Nunez

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