Maximising Event Attendee Experience Through Cost-Effective Lanyards

When organising an event, you should always aim to give attendees a positive and memorable experience. Each and every detail counts, and even small elements such as lanyards can have an impact on the overall experience.

Lanyards are a practical way to hold identification badges and tickets, improving the overall security of an event. Whether it be a festival, a conference or a miscellaneous event, read on to learn how cost-effective lanyards can maximise the event attendee experience.

Are Lanyards Expensive?

Lanyards can come in a wide range of price points, but ultimately, they are accessible and affordable for all budgets.

Several factors can influence the cost – for example, the material used, customisation options, the number ordered, as well as extra features.

Standard lanyards are made using polyester and nylon, which makes them more affordable. However, lanyards made using eco-friendly materials may have a slightly higher price tag.

Lanyards personalised with logos or colours may also add to the cost. Pre-printed lanyards, however, tend to be the most affordable option.

You can find pre-printed lanyards that say ‘staff’, ‘visitor’, ‘first aid’ and much more. Overall, lanyards can be a cost-effective way to streamline an event.

Why Get Lanyards for Events?

Lanyards can be a cost-effective way to ensure that staff, volunteers and attendees are clearly identifiable. This can ensure that people are in the right places at the event. Pre-printed lanyards can make it easy to distinguish all attendees and ensure that they are in the right rooms or areas.

Lanyards are also much less likely to get lost; people’s ID cards or event passes will remain around their necks rather than on the floor. They’re small and easy to carry – and are much less likely to get lost.

Branding can easily be incorporated into lanyards. For example, if a certain brand is sponsoring an event, you can easily include the brand’s logo or message on the lanyard. This can be a great way to acquire extra income for the event. You could approach potential sponsors – after all, lanyards can generate a lot of brand exposure.

Benefits of Lanyards For Event Attendees

First of all, lanyards can encourage interaction and networking. If you incorporate features such as QR codes or RFID technology on lanyards, you can encourage attendees to share their information digitally. This can negate the need for physical business cards. Likewise, when a person’s name is clearly visible (through their lanyard), they instantly become more approachable.

You could issue colour-coded lanyards for different categories – for example, attendees, speakers, hosts etc. This can allow for easy identification and enhanced approachability. This cost-effective method can enhance attendee engagement, and encourage meaningful interactions.

Event attendees should always feel safe, and should always be aware of who to speak to in the event of an emergency. Lanyards can make this clear. Emergency staff wearing lanyards with ‘first aid’ clearly printed on them can ensure that attendees know where to go if they need first aid.

Another benefit that lanyards can have on event attendees is that lanyards can be used in a range of event games or initiatives. For example, event attendees could earn rewards by completing challenges. Lanyards can feature QR codes, which can be an effective way to track points. Likewise, attendees can unlock exclusive content through these QR codes, enhancing the overall experience.

Finally, lanyards can serve as a memento or keepsake – a great way to remember the event. An aesthetically pleasing lanyard with event branding can evoke positive memories among event attendees, and may even encourage them to attend the next event.