Meet the European Platform for Greek Holiday Real Estate


The Creators of Ferimmo are pioneers in the field of quality holiday real estate abroad. Operating from its headquarters in Berlin, we find out how it approaches the challenges and opportunities of such a market.

Founded by executives from the field of Banking and Management Consulting based in Berlin, Ferimmo is a property technology start-up hosting a cutting-edge real estate platform. Tailored for European customers, it provides its German end-users investing in holiday homes with an intuitive way to do so, displaying its Greek direct customers’ market-ready properties for view. Ferimmo’s focus on the Greek real estate market not only provides a boost to the Greek economy but allows it to take part in the success of Greece’s high yield of holiday destination properties. Furthermore, it sees itself as serving a long-term strategic partnership between Greece and Germany. Aside from this however, its true aim is to support people in finding their dream holiday home, as well as to help realtors in Greece find the right buyer. It wishes to take the difficulty out of holiday home real estate by making it ‘a little better and a little more beautiful’ through its user friendly, technologically advanced user interface. Its real estate professionals showcase and promote their portfolios in an intuitive format that is easy for potential buyers to navigate. The platform also champions the ease of its onboarding service. With simple functionality, free registration, and a concise introduction, Ferimmo walks users through how to use its sophisticated filters and how to access the necessary details on an area or listing.

To Ferimmo, ‘people are not just buying a new home, but an entire new way of life at the same time’, and thus it seeks to offer a holistic approach to property purchasing. During the buyers’ experience, it includes opportunity and investment services, information on traditions and gastronomy, and a road map to ensure their users informed purchases. Far from it being a small client base, Ferimmo also sees business from professionals such as lawyers, notaries, architects, civil engineers, banks, insurance companies and asset managers. It also enjoys a variety of partnerships from which its users benefit.

The Greek-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry allows it to provide its customers with specialist services, the Athens Real Estate Agents Association using the platform offers its own expansive portfolio for perusal, and then the German-Hellenic Business Association in Germany works with Ferimmo to further develop the Greek real estate market abroad. Internally, Ferimmo prides itself on having the right kind of people behind the technology, prioritising their employee’s relationship to the company’s goals and ethos with little need for hierarchy. The staff are what Ferimmo considers its most important partners, hoping to attract yet more talented individuals with its success so that those people can take it even further.


Outside of this, the industry that Ferimmo operates within has suffered due to the impacts of the pandemic on both tourism and real estate over the past year. Greece can now exploit the advantages of its successful COVID-19 strategy since it has one of the lowest infection rates in relation to the population and the fewest Covid-19 deaths of all Mediterranean countries. 

However, lockdown has heralded the dawn of a reinvigorated global attitude that the home is not only one of the most important places but one of the most coveted goods. This is an attitude that Ferimmo will be able to provide for as people find themselves longing to spend their extended time in their own properties abroad in a holiday home. The pandemic has also seen a serious spike in the digitization of many more services, meaning that Ferimmo’s goals of upgrading its platform to handle completely real estate abroad is even more in reach than ever before: ‘the traffic of platforms like ours will increase, as people will be looking to buy real estate from the safety of their home’.

 Soon, Ferimmo will be seeking to accomplish this full integration with a range of new digital services such as 360 live tours and a better user interface. There are also plans in the works for the use of drones to capture footage of house tours and viewings. Above all, Ferimmo’s plans can be summarised in wanting to become a service engine over a search engine, diversifying revenue streams by expanding across value streams, offering mortgages, insurance valuations data and home inspiration. It is also working on offering specific regional data regarding an area’s facilities and services, as well as a housing price development forecast for the next 5 to 10 years.

The upgrades will also include updates such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and the use of Big Data and Smart Data to customise each customer’s experience. Eventually, its goal is to expand all over Europe to become the region’s first and best online marketplace for quality holiday properties matchmaking buyers and investors with sellers and realtors.   

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